Why Can't Steak Lovers Resist Moving to Amarillo?

Steak Lovers Drawn To Amarillo

  1. Amarillo is Famous for its Food and Culture
  2. Do People Relocate Due to Food?
  3. What Make Amarillo Special?
  4. Love Steak? Amarillo Is For You

1. Amarillo is Famous for its Food and Culture

Amarillo is a beautiful city that features a good mix of lifestyle options, for children and adults a like. There’s plenty of tourist attractions, including museums and a rich Route 66 history. There’s a remarkable zoo, an opera house, and plenty to do if you are interested in arts and crafts too.

Barbecue isn’t the only type of food with area specific characteristics. Beef, in general, can take on characteristics of specific states. In Texas, beef, and steak, in particular, is one of the top food categories. Why can’t steak lovers resist moving to Amarillo? Because Amarillo is in Texas and steak there is the center attraction.

2. Do People Relocate Due to Food?

Let’s talk about food and its importance as it pertains to moving to another state. Why would anyone take food into account when making a decision about where to pack up and move to? The answer is really quite simple. Regionally some foods are better and more readily available in some areas. Some areas of the country are known for cooking methods that make a particular food in that area some of the best there is. Barbecue, for instance, tastes vastly different depending upon the state you live in. In fact, barbecue is also named for the special preparation and cooking methods used in specific areas of the country. There’s Carolina barbecue, Kansas City barbecue, and there’s Texas barbecue.

3. What Make Amarillo Special?

Why can’t steak lovers resist moving to Amarillo? Because Amarillo is home to so many wonderful restaurants serving up some of the juiciest steaks anywhere in the country. Texas is known for is beef—black angus cooked up mid-rare and ready to eat. Fresh, local ingredients seared to perfection, served with a side of thick cut fries. That’s why steak lovers are moving to Amarillo.

Dining choices for steak lovers in Amarillo range from fine dining to roadside cafes.

The restaurants themselves have the big personalities you would expect from a Texas establishment. Places like the Big Texan Steak Ranch, Coyote Bluff Café, Green Chili Willie’s Grill, and the Texas Roadhouse are serving up some of the most mouth-watering cuts of meat you can find anywhere in the country. Just about every restaurant in the city of Amarillo or surrounding areas has the word steak in its name because steak is the center attraction in Amarillo.

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4. Love Steak? Amarillo Is For You

Yes, you can find steaks in other parts of the country. You can even get a great steak in other parts of the country. Still, if you are a steak lover, there’s really no better state to indulge that love like the big state of Texas, and no better city to indulge that love than in Amarillo, Texas, where restaurant owners are serving up steak in just about every form you can imagine, from Texas roadhouse barbecue style to seared on the grill and served up juicy and hot. Amarillo is serving up the steak, which is why steak lovers will want to call Amarillo home.


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Not all of these are neccisarily available in Amarillo Texas, however any steak lover would appreciate this information.

T Bone - This one is not hard to find as it is shaped like the letter T.

Porterhouse - Largly considered the big bad king of steaks because it is a combination of two different types of other steaks.

Top Sirloin - Very very lean, which this writer personally prefers. Goes fantastically with grilled vegatables of all sorts, particularly grilled garlic.

Santa Maria / Tri-Tip Steak - Not too much fat and as long as you don't overcook you should get a tender piece of meat.

Flank - this is widely considered one of the most popular pieces of steak, these are thin slices and are commonly sold in diners as a breakfast steak.

Filet Mignon - The most tender piece of meat in existence, that is why it is so expensive in restaurants, because babies can even eat it, and do.

Rib-Eye - The Eye of the Rib they call it in the northern part of Texas, this piece of meat is supposed to be boneless, but is commonly sold with a bone and so is actually a different thing but most people do not recognize the difference.

Hangar Steak - You have to marinate this steak a lot, which a lot of steak lovers love it for, that it's juices work with marinade very well. However it is probably the least tender piece of steak.

Flat Iron - Considered the finest piece of steak by many, it is considered to be from the ideal par the cow.
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