Why Intellectuals are Flooding to Phoenix

  1. What's Really Going On In Phoenix, Arizona?
  2. Culture and Lifestyle of Intellectuals in Phoenix
  3. Are Intellectuals in Phoenix for School?
  4. No Data to Prove Phoenix is More Intellectually Developed
  5. How to Live in the Moment in Phoenix, Regardless of Intellect
  6. Is Phoenix for You?

1. What's Really Going On in Phoenix, Arizona?

Are people smarter in Phoenix, Arizona than in other states in the country? Are there more attractions for the intellectual or more ways to stimulate the mind? These days it seems like more intellectuals are moving to Phoenix than ever before. Regardless, we've listed Phoenix as one of our best cities to live in. But how do you pick what city you want to live in?

2. Culture and Lifestyle of Intellectuals in Phoenix

Phoenix doesn’t seem to be any more of an intellectual destination than any other city in the United States. It's a great city but what makes it a spot for the intellectuals? There are plenty of attractions.

Museums, botanical gardens, a host of fine restaurants, music, theater, a zoo, but nothing that is overly intellectual compared to other cities with the same vibe, like San Francisco or somewhere else. They have an abundance of museums to enjoy with friends or the family like the Arizona Science Center or the Musical Instrument Museum. And, of course, who could forget the famous Grand Canyon! What's so awesome about Phoenix is not only that there are resources for the millennials and for the family to enjoy, but also that it has such a rich Native American cultural history that tourists and residents can learn about. However, if you're taking advantage of the great hiking trails, you're going to want that Phoenix heating and air conditioning for sure. 

3. Are Intellectuals in Phoenix for School?

Arizona University, Gateway College, and Phoenix College are some of the schools you can find if you decide to move to Phoenix. Still. There are a lot of states with excellent learning facilities. Is this why intellectuals are moving to Phoenix faster than ever before? Not very likely. Maybe the real reason intellectuals are moving to Phoenix faster than ever before is simply because Phoenix, Arizona is such a beautiful state. With a lower cost of living than many states in the country, perhaps we consider them intellectuals for moving to Phoenix over cultural history or school, only to find that the cost of living reason enough to move to Phoenix. Is this enough to allow for the definition of intellectual development? Who knows. 

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4. No Data to Prove Phoenix is More Intellectually Developed

The real question is, are intellectuals really moving to Phoenix faster than before? The answer seems pretty ambiguous if you ask me. If you look for proof of this, you’re not likely to find anything solid. What is the real definition of an intellectual anyways? What does intellectual mean and does it even matter? We should decide our own intellect. There is no real data to suggest people moving to Phoenix, Arizona are smarter than people moving to any other state. There is no evidence that intellectuals aren’t moving to other states in the same numbers as they are moving to Phoenix. The truth is, as an intellectual destination, Phoenix rates no higher than most states. It's actually pretty low on the totem pole. 

There are many social networks centered in and around Phoenix, as well as dating agencies that focus on hooking up intellectuals in the area, but again, nothing more than usual. This suggests that people who live in Phoenix are not more intellectual or less intellectual than they are in most other states. Sorry to break the news! Does this suggest that Tucson would be a more intellectual place to move? Highly, highly unlikely. 

In fact, one article recently put Phoenix at 45 on a list of the smartest cities the country, with Tucson placing above Phoenix at 34.

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5. How to Live in the Moment in Phoenix, Regardless of Intellect

Again, with no real statistics on intellectual living as it relates to Phoenix, it is hard to determine if more intellectuals are moving to Phoenix or not. Decide where you want to live and move there not because people are smarter, but because you are going to enjoy the culture and lifestyle. I don't think you can really ever know which cities are the most intelligent because it the notion of intellect fluctuates so often. 

6. Is Phoenix for You?

What is intellectual, however, is the way you save your pennies and budget if you plan on moving to or from Phoenix. If you're a millennial or someone looking to retire, Moving Authority has the resources for you to find necessary information out, such as a free cost estimate and articles on how to transfer your car interstate. We've also got comprehensive listings of all types of moving companies, including low-cost moving companies and cross country movers. We've even got checklists for every type of move.  Consider what we've discussed in this article when thinking about moving to Phoenix, we hope this was informative!

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The first state weight limits for trucks were determined and put in place in 1913. Only four states limited truck weights, from a low of 18,000 pounds (8,200 kg) in Maine to a high of 28,000 pounds (13,000 kg) in Massachusetts. The intention of these laws was to protect the earth and gravel-surfaced roads. In this case, particular damages due to the iron and solid rubber wheels of early trucks. By 1914 there were almost 100,000 trucks on America's roads. As a result of solid tires, poor rural roads, and a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour (24km/h) continued to limit the use of these trucks to mostly urban areas.

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