Checklist For Moving To Another State

  1. Moving to Another State Can Have a Serious Effect 
  2. The Idea Behind a Moving Checklist
  3. Checklist When Moving to Another State
  4. Family Considerations?
  5. Be Flexible: Include Everyone's Input Into Your Checklist
  6. Moving State-to-State Can Be Costly
  7. Save Money on Supplies
  8. Move According to the Seasons
  9. Make it a Competition
  10. Overnight Cost Cutting
  11. Pre-Plan Your Move to Another State
  12. Getting a Job in the New State

1. Moving to Another State Can Have a Serious Effect

Moving to another state can be a trying experience. In addition to the effort involved in moving all of your stuff such a long distance, you’re trying to get used to the idea of living in an entirely different physical and cultural environment. This can mean changes in the way you work, play, and approach day-to-day living. Everything from the way you shop for the clothes you wear can be affected dramatically by these changes.

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2. The Idea Behind a Moving Checklist

Moving to another state checklist composition is an important part of the moving experience. Not only can a moving checklist include the things you need to take with you, having one can help you decide what things you may not have to take with you, and the less you have to move, the less expensive the moving experience will be. Another reason to have a moving to another state checklist prepared is to keep track of the things that will need to be accomplished before, during, and after the move. In fact, it’s a good idea to structure your moving checklist in such a way that you can easily locate the things you need to do at any given point in the process. That means leaving a lot of space and possible printing it in small font on as few pieces of paper as possible so that you can take notes in between everything and add anything else you might have forgotten. You are making an outline of your move essentially and it needs to have space to expand.

3. Checklist When Moving To Another State

A checklist for moving to another state should include reminders to contact the post office, make arrangements to enroll your children in school, transfer medical records and any make changes to your address with companies directly that you consider being important. A change of address through the post office can cause a delay in the mail, so changing your address with important companies directly will prevent an interruption in service with those companies.

Also, if you rely on any state or government services to survive, be sure to make a checklist of items you’ll need to facilitate the smooth transition of those services.

This is especially important with programs that may change drastically from one state to another.

Moving To Another State

4. Family Considerations?

A checklist for moving might also include secondary considerations such as enrolling your child in special activities. These activities might include boy scouts, girl scouts, or other social activities your children are currently involved in. Finding suitable arrangements for these activities might require some advanced research after you arrive at your new location, so these items may not rank as high on your moving checklist as other entries.

5. Be Flexible: Include Everyone's Input Into Your Checklist

When you’re making your checklist, allow each member of the family to have input. No matter how hard you try to be organized and complete, you may not be able to think of everything for yourself, particularly with all the stress of moving. Other family members might think of important things that slip your mind or have individual needs for the check list you may not have considered in the first place.

Moving from one state to another doesn’t have to be difficult. Moving to another state checklist creation is an ideal way to ensure your move is as smooth as it can be, and will help ensure you’re prepared for the transition when you get to your destination. State to state moving is much easier when you have the right knowledge to get things done. 

6. Moving State-to-State Can Be Costly

Keep in mind when you are moving to another state that there are many expenses you will have to consider. This should all be included in your checklist so you can maintain your budget. Of course, there are many ways to pinch pennies here and there to save on your move. This is something you will want to keep track of as well. 

7. Save Money on Supplies

There are an infinite amount of resources available to get free moving boxes. Purchasing them from the moving company is a waste of valuable money. It is much better to look online for free materials. Out of state moves require a lot of boxes, so it is probably best to use multiple resources. Also, be sure to look for bubble wrap and packing paper. You will need these when you move fragile items.
If you are having trouble finding moving supplies, then you can use some things you already have. Instead of buying packing paper or bubble wrap, you can use sheets and towels to wrap items. You can also use clothes for breakables.

8. Move According to the Seasons

Many moving companies have special offers for people moving in the fall, winter, and spring. People tend to not want to move during these seasons because the weather can be extreme. Moving companies have a lot more work to do during the summer. People with kids move a lot more during these times because the kids are not in school. Since this is the case, movers will offer deals in order to have work during other months. To find these deals, all you have to do is get some free quotes and select off-season months.

9.  Make it a Competition

When you speak to someone from a moving company, try to include details about what you were offered from another company. This will make the company you are talking to want your business (and your money). Tell them that another company offered you a cheaper price, so you are considering them. The company will either match the other price or beat it.

10.  Overnight Cost Cutting

If you are looking for more cheap ways to move out of state, then overnight costs are of great importance. Many people who are moving to another state often spend the most money on overnight accommodations. This ranges from hotel stay to eating out. Planning ahead is a good way to avoid paying too much for this. Keep in mind that hotels are cheaper in smaller towns where there is not much to do. Since you aren't on vacation, a small town will be the best place to stay. You don't need fun things to do or even a luxury hotel. You just need a place to sleep. Keep this in mind! As far as food, you should keep it to a minimum. Eating out can add up fast. Try to buy food at grocery stores for your travels to your new home. You can prepare sandwiches or salads before you leave. This is a much cheaper and healthier option that restaurant-hopping.

11.  Pre-Plan Your Move to Another State

Planning ahead is one of the best ways to save money when you are moving to another state. Besides overnight accommodations, there are also other things that you should look at such as:
  • how you will get to the new home
  • utility activation
  • packing before the movers arrive
  • how much furniture you are moving
These are just a few of the basic costs associated with moving out of state. Others are sure to come up.

12.  Getting a Job in the New State

You're gonna need a way to pay for the move, right? You don't want to be left with just $10 to support your family after you pay for the move, right? Getting a job in the new state prior to moving is a good idea. This will help alleviate the stress of wondering how you will afford the move.

Kaylie Yun

4 years, 5 months ago

Thanks for the checklist. The advice on your website really helps me plan my moves. Keep up the good work! Thank you!

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

4 years, 3 months ago

Hi Kaylie,

We're glad you liked our checklist. Let us know if you want more specific checklists in the future.


Amia Cory

4 years, 4 months ago

Make sure to get the exact dates when your living space is available. Don't make the same mistake as I did when I did my first move. My moving company had to put me in storage and that added to the costs of my move. Make sure all dates are final and guaranteed. You also don't want to have to be out of a place to live if your new place is not ready for you yet. Just a tip if you are moving for the first time.

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

4 years, 3 months ago

Hi Amia,

Thanks for the advice about moving dates. Knowing the dates of your move is very important as you want to make sure the place you are moving to is ready to be moved into.



4 years, 4 months ago

When moving to a different state, I think everyone's out of state checklist varies. However, this is the most detsiled (and necessary) checklist I've seen. Good work.

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

4 years, 3 months ago

Hey Jordan,

Yeah, your checklist definitely depends on where you are moving from so we tried to make it as geographically neutral as possible so everyone can use it. Thanks for the feedback.

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