1. From One Big City to Another
  2. State to State: An Adventure for You, Family, or Your Friends
  3. Now You're In Houston, What Do You See?
  4. Before It Begins... 
  5. How Moving Authority Can Help

1. From One Big City to Another

Texas “The Lone Star State,” has often been at odds with its left-coast rival in the total population. California is number one at

32 million. Texas is number two at twenty-five million. But don’t tell that to a Texan because everything is “still” bigger in Texas compared to other cities and states. Take Houston city, for example, a vibrant and sprawling metropolis of over 6 million. With more coming every day, especially from LA, wouldn’t it be a relief to have the best game plan possible? As you sojourn through some of the most unforgiving desert terrains, you need a plan! Moving from Los Angeles to Houston is no small feat, but we're here to help.

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2. State to State: An Adventure for You, Family, or Friends

Let’s talk about the commute. Interstate 40 is still your best bet. Moving Authority estimates that takes 22 hours to get from Houston to Los Angeles. Take note of the time of year and any upcoming inclement weather. You have the option to ship your car from state to state or to drive your own car.  If you are taking your personal car along for the ride, make sure a mechanic checks it out before you hit the road. But, your biggest problem will be getting out of the LA metro area! It's a good idea to download traffic apps like SigAlert and Waze to more efficiently avoid LA traffic. Make sure you exercise safe smartphone habits. Take a break when you need it.

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3. Now You're in Houston, What Do You See?

The ultimate goal is to make it to Houston, without having to file a claim! So you made it out of Los Angeles and through the desert landscapes of Arizona, New Mexico and, West Texas. You are in the Houston metro area, what do you see? It might be a queue of cars. Not unlike LA, Houston has its own gridlock conundrum. But, you are a seasoned pro and you are going to get through this. Don't worry though, you'll find the best way to avoid traffic jams in Houston. You may want to stop at a Waffle House and have a burger and a shake.

Houston, Tx was also featured on our Top 14 Places to Live in the United States coming in at # 5!
Make a reservation ahead for a hotel or be trendy and swipe through Airbnb. Buy a ten-gallon hat, and you are officially a Texan! You have arrived. Your luggage is secure and you've affixed your ten-gallon hat to the crown of your head. Now is the time to find your home! Some great neighborhoods for families are Braeswood Place & University. For millennials, check out Greater Third Ward & Neartown Montrose.

4. Before It Begins...

Follow these steps to make your quest for another nest successful. First, get an estimate from several movers. Even if the first one seems legit, it never hurts to try another.

Remember though, no legitimate mover will give a firm and binding estimate over the phone or the web. Once you reach an agreement on an estimate, it can only expand to over ten percent of the original.

Speaking of legit: make sure this is a licensed long distance moving company with reviews. You want to check to make sure they have the proper paperwork to operate. Also, you want to protect yourself from rogue movers. Moving Authority can help you out with that. Moving Authority is more than capable of taking care of any needs, questions, or concerns you may have. We look forward to meeting all your needs and to provide you with a vast quantity of resources.

5. How Moving Authority Can Help

Our expertise can enable you to make the proper choice for all your moving plans. We want the customer to be able to find the best long distance moving companies without hassle. 

Browse our website and take advantage of our free moving calculator. You can also get a free and more detailed quote using the moving cost estimator found on right on our home page. We've also got some solid advice on moving long distance with family or independently


Jonathon Pantoro

4 years, 11 months ago


This article feels like it was crafted for me personally :)

I was just wondering if it's possible to rent trucks from moving companies. I'm a pretty strong guy though I might need help with my piano, I am unsure where to go for this.

user avatar

Adam Peterson

4 years, 11 months ago

Hi Adam. If you have never moved a piano before I would advise you to not attempt it. It seems to me that you are going in the right direction as you are on our site, let me assure you that moving a piano is a professional job especially if it is a grand or baby grand piano.
If your planning to move yourself you can rent a truck and move yourself but we would encourage people to use moving companies, especially with a piano. Using a moving company is essential for pianos. If you want to estimate the cost you can use our moving cost calculator tool in the blue box above on this page to the right.

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The three most common types of couplers used are straight couplers, A-frame couplers, and adjustable couplers. Another option is bumper-pull hitches in which case draw bars can exert a large amount of leverage on the tow vehicle. This makes it harder to recover from a swerving situation (thus it may not be the safest choice depending on your trip).

Question “Country music scholar Bill Malone has gone so far as to say that trucking songs account for the largest component of work songs in the country music catalog. For a style of music that has, since its commercial inception in the 1920s, drawn attention to the coal man, the steel drivin’ man, the railroad worker, and the cowboy, this certainly speaks volumes about the cultural attraction of the trucker in the American popular consciousness.” — Shane Hamilton

Question According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 40 million United States citizens have moved annually over the last decade. Of those people who have moved in the United States, 84.5% of them have moved within their own state, 12.5% have moved to another state, and 2.3% have moved to another country.

Question AMSA wanted to help consumers avoid untrustworthy or illegitimate movers. In January 2008, AMSA created the ProMover certification program for its members. As a member, you must have federal interstate operating authority. Members are also required to pass an annual criminal back check, be licensed by the FMCSA, and agree to abide by ethical standards. This would include honesty in advertising and in business transaction with customers. Each must also sign a contract committing to adhere to applicable Surface Transportation Board and FMCSA regulations. AMSA also takes into consideration and examines ownership. They are very strict, registration with state corporation commissions. This means that the mover must maintain at least a satisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As one can imagine, those that pass are authorized to display the ProMove logo on the websites and in marketing materials. However, those that fail will be expelled from the program (and AMSA) if they cannot correct discrepancies during probation.

Question Signage of business routes varies, depending on the type of route they are derived from. Business routes paralleling U.S. and state highways usually have exactly the same shield shapes and nearly the same overall appearance as the routes they parallel, with a rectangular plate reading "BUSINESS" placed above the shield (either supplementing or replacing the directional plate, depending on the preference of the road agency). In order to better identify and differentiate alternate routes from the routes they parallel, some states such as Maryland are beginning to use green shields for business routes off U.S. highways. In addition, Maryland uses a green shield for business routes off state highways with the word "BUSINESS" in place of "MARYLAND" is used for a state route.


In the United States, commercial truck classification is fixed by each vehicle's gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). There are 8 commercial truck classes, ranging between 1 and 8. Trucks are also classified in a more broad way by the DOT's Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The FHWA groups them together, determining classes 1-3 as light duty, 4-6 as medium duty, and 7-8 as heavy duty. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has its own separate system of emission classifications for commercial trucks. Similarly, the United States Census Bureau had assigned classifications of its own in its now-discontinued Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey (TIUS, formerly known as the Truck Inventory and Use Survey).

Question Logistics is generally the ability to organize and put in place many complex operations at a single time. It is the management of the flow of things to meet the needs of customers or corporations. Resources managed in logistics includes tangible items such as food, materials, animals, equipment, etc. Not to mention the items that are not tangible such as time and information. This means that the movement of physical items, such as in the moving industry, involves a clear understanding of solid workflow. Such logistics can involve the handling of necessary materials, producing, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, and often security.

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Question With the onset of trucking culture, truck drivers often became portrayed as protagonists in popular media. Author Shane Hamilton, who wrote "Trucking Country: The Road to America's Wal-Mart Economy", focuses on truck driving. He explores the history of trucking and while connecting it development in the trucking industry. It is important to note, as Hamilton discusses the trucking industry and how it helps the so-called big-box stores dominate the U.S. marketplace. Hamilton certainly takes an interesting perspective historically speaking.

Question Smoke and the Bandit was released in 1977, becoming the third-highest grossing movie. Following only behind Star Wars Episode IV and Close Encounter of the Third Kind, all three movies making an impact on popular culture. Conveniently, during that same year, CB Bears debuted as well. The Saturday morning cartoon features mystery-solving bears who communicate by CB radio. As the 1970's decade began to end and the 80's broke through, the trucking phenomenon had wade. With the rise of cellular phone technology, the CB radio was no longer popular with passenger vehicles, but, truck drivers still use it today.

Question The Federal-Aid Highway Amendments of 1974 established a federal maximum gross vehicle weight of 80,000 pounds (36,000 kg). It also introduced a sliding scale of truck weight-to-length ratios based on the bridge formula. Although, they did not establish a federal minimum weight limit. By failing to establish a federal regulation, six contiguous in the Mississippi Valley rebelled. Becoming known as the "barrier state", they refused to increase their Interstate weight limits to 80,000 pounds. Due to this, the trucking industry faced a barrier to efficient cross-country interstate commerce.

Question In 1933, as a part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, the National Recovery Administration requested that each industry creates a “code of fair competition”. The American Highway Freight Association and the Federated Trucking Associations of America met in the spring of 1933 to speak for the trucking association and begin discussing a code. By summer of 1933 the code of competition was completed and ready for approval. The two organizations had also merged to form the American Trucking Associations. The code was approved on February 10, 1934. On May 21, 1934, the first president of the ATA, Ted Rogers, became the first truck operator to sign the code. A special "Blue Eagle" license plate was created for truck operators to indicate compliance with the code.


The term 'trailer' is commonly used interchangeably with that of a travel trailer or mobile home. There are varieties of trailers and manufactures housing designed for human habitation. Such origins can be found historically with utility trailers built in a similar fashion to horse-drawn wagons. A trailer park is an area where mobile homes are designated for people to live in.
In the United States, trailers ranging in size from single-axle dollies to 6-axle, 13 ft 6 in (4,115 mm) high, 53 ft (16,154 mm) in long semi-trailers is common. Although, when towed as part of a tractor-trailer or "18-wheeler", carries a large percentage of the freight. Specifically, the freight that travels over land in North America.

Question In today's popular culture, recreational vehicles struggle to find their own niche. Travel trailers or mobile home with limited living facilities, or where people can camp or stay have been referred to as trailers. Previously, many would refer to such vehicles as towable trailers.

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Question The American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) is a non-profit trade association. AMSA represents members of the professional moving industry primarily based in the United States. The association consists of approximately 4,000 members. They consist of van lines, their agents, independent movers, forwarders, and industry suppliers. However, AMSA does not represent the self-storage industry.

Question Words have always had a different meaning or have been used interchangeably with others across all cultures. In the United States, Canada, and the Philippines the word "truck" is mostly reserved for larger vehicles. Although in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, the word "truck" is generally reserved for large vehicles. In Australia and New Zealand, a pickup truck is usually called a ute, short for "utility". While over in South Africa it is called a bakkie (Afrikaans: "small open container"). The United Kingdom, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland, and Hong Kong use the "lorry" instead of truck, but only for medium and heavy types.

Question Light trucks are classified this way because they are car-sized, yet in the U.S. they can be no more than 6,300 kg (13,900 lb). These are used by not only used by individuals but also businesses as well. In the UK they may not weigh more than 3,500 kg (7,700 lb) and are authorized to drive with a driving license for cars. Pickup trucks, popular in North America, are most seen in North America and some regions of Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Although Europe doesn't seem to follow this trend, where the size of the commercial vehicle is most often made as vans.

Question The Department of Transportation (DOT) is the most common government agency that is devoted to transportation in the United States. The DOT is the largest United States agency with the sole purpose of overseeing interstate travel and issue's USDOT Number filing to new carriers. The U.S., Canadian provinces, and many other local agencies have a similar organization in place. This way they can provide enforcement through DOT officers within their respective jurisdictions.