How Should I Prepare for Moving From Los Angeles to Houston?

Prepare for your Move: LA to Houston

  1. From One Big City to Another
  2. State to State: An Adventure for You, Family, or Your Friends
  3. Now You're In Houston, What Do You See?
  4. Before It Begins...
  5. How Moving Authority Can Help

1. From One Big City to Another

Texas “The Lone Star State,” has often been at odds with its left-coast rival in the total population. California is number one at

32 million. Texas is number two at twenty-five million. But don’t tell that to a Texan because everything is “still” bigger in Texas compared to other cities and states. Take Houston city, for example, a vibrant and sprawling metropolis of over 6 million. With more coming every day, especially from LA, wouldn’t it be a relief to have the best game plan possible? As you sojourn through some of the most unforgiving desert terrains, you need a plan! Moving from Los Angeles to Houston is no small feat, but we're here to help.

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2. State to State: An Adventure for You, Family, or Friends

Let’s talk about the commute. Interstate 40 is still your best bet. Moving Authority estimates that takes 22 hours to get from Houston to Los Angeles. Take note of the time of year and any upcoming inclement weather. You have the option to ship your car from state to state or to drive your own car. If you are taking your personal car along for the ride, make sure a mechanic checks it out before you hit the road. But, your biggest problem will be getting out of the LA metro area! It's a good idea to download traffic apps like SigAlert and Waze to more efficiently avoid LA traffic. Make sure you exercise safe smartphone habits. Take a break when you need it.

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3. Now You're in Houston, What Do You See?

The ultimate goal is to make it to Houston, without having to file a claim! So you made it out of Los Angeles and through the desert landscapes of Arizona, New Mexico and, West Texas. You are in the Houston metro area, what do you see? It might be a queue of cars. Not unlike LA, Houston has its own gridlock conundrum. But, you are a seasoned pro and you are going to get through this. Don't worry though, you'll find the best way to avoid traffic jams in Houston. You may want to stop at a Waffle House and have a burger and a shake.

Houston, Tx was also featured on our Top 14 Places to Live in the United States coming in at # 5!

Make a reservation ahead for a hotel or be trendy and swipe through Airbnb. Buy a ten-gallon hat, and you are officially a Texan! You have arrived. Your luggage is secure and you've affixed your ten-gallon hat to the crown of your head. Now is the time to find your home! Some great neighborhoods for families are Braeswood Place & University. For millennials, check out Greater Third Ward & Neartown Montrose.

4. Before It Begins...

Follow these steps to make your quest for another nest successful. First, get an estimate from several movers. Even if the first one seems legit, it never hurts to try another.

Remember though, no legitimate mover will give a firm and binding estimate over the phone or the web. Once you reach an agreement on an estimate, it can only expand to over ten percent of the original.

Speaking of legit: make sure this is a licensed long distance moving company with reviews. You want to check to make sure they have the proper paperwork to operate. Also, you want to protect yourself from rogue movers. Moving Authority can help you out with that. Moving Authority is more than capable of taking care of any needs, questions, or concerns you may have. We look forward to meeting all your needs and to provide you with a vast quantity of resources.

5. How Moving Authority Can Help

Our expertise can enable you to make the proper choice for all your moving plans. We want the customer to be able to find the best long distance moving companies without hassle.

Browse our website and take advantage of our free moving calculator. You can also get a free and more detailed quote using the moving cost estimator found on right on our home page. We've also got some solid advice on moving long distance with family or independently.