How to Move to Phoenix with Your Loving Pets

  1. Is Phoenix in Your Future?
  2. Tips for Moving with Pets
  3. Registration and Vaccination: It's the Law in Phoenix
  4. How to Keep Pets Safe from Heat: How to Stay Cool in the Summer

1. Is Phoenix in Your Future?

Phoenix is becoming a destination for millennials, and Millennials homes have become the destination for rescue pets. Whether you’re bringing a golden, a tabby or a canary, the youth-friendly city of Phoenix, which boasts sunny outdoor weather for most of the year, is a great place to have a pet.

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2. Tips For Moving With Pets

When moving a pet, be aware of the costs of travel. If you decide on airline travel with pets, there are a number of requirements from airlines for registering pets and accommodating them on a plane. Make sure to check with the specific airline you are flying with to ensure you have your pet covered with vaccinations and travel containers. If you are driving across the country and traveling with pets in cars, make sure you know which hotels and motels are pet-friendly, and book your rooms ahead of time. In many states it is illegal to leave pets in a car overnight, so make sure, if the hotel or motel where you stay doesn’t allow pets, you have found a local pet boarding house. You also might want to keep a checklist for traveling with pets in a car just so you can remain organized and find your pet's things at a moments notice. Whether you're flying or driving the best way to travel with pets is the way that makes them the most comfortable

3. Registration and Vaccination: It's the Law in Phoenix

Phoenix, which boasts an abundance of hiking trails and off-leash dog parks, requires that all dogs three months or older are vaccinated against rabies. They also must be licensed with the county within fifteen days after being vaccinated. If you do not register your dog after vaccination within two weeks after he or she has been vaccinated, you risk being charged with a misdemeanor. Many people moving to Phoenix from out of state are unaware of the need to register their dog, and this will result in monthly penalties that will be added to the cost of registration. It is also worth noting that it is much cheaper to purchase a license for a dog that has been spayed or neutered.

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4. How to Keep Pets Safe From Heat: How to Stay Cool In the Summer

Keep in mind that Phoenix is a desert, and as such, it gets extremely hot in the summer. Temperatures can get beyond one hundred degrees, so make sure you have a plan in place to house your pet during the day. It is ideal to keep pets within a house or office building during the hottest hours of the day. If your pet must be kept outside for long hours possibly due to the hiking in Phoenix, Arizona, or for some other reason, make sure there is adequate shade available, and lots of water. Also, evenings aren’t always as cool as new residents might think. In the height of summer, it may not dip below ninety degrees when the sun goes down. Because of this constant heat, there is an abundance of doggy daycares and pet hotels to take care of pets during the day.

It’s also a good idea to have your pet’s hair cut as short as possible in the summer, in order to keep him or her cooler.

**It should be noted that it is illegal to keep poultry or rodents domestically within the city of Phoenix.** 

If you do bring a pet to Phoenix, there will be an abundance of places to run, swim, walk and interact with other pets. Cats, dogs, and birds are welcome in the booming city.


Cynthia Monroe

4 years, 11 months ago

I found this to be a really helpful guide because I was actually moving to phoenix myself with a box terrier and this guide told me all I needed to do. I was hoping if you could answer my question now that I am moving to Texas from Arizona, are there companies that can handle the transport of my animals while taking care of them in the process, movers for pets? or something of the sort and also what should I do to safely transport a jacuzzi. Can I fit it on the top of my Hummer or is there a way to move it without involving a moving company?


Ashley Richmond

4 years, 11 months ago

Hi Cynthia. Absolutely do not put your jacuzzi on top of your vehicle. This is a liability waiting to happen as the item is very heavy and should be dollied closer to the ground. They are very heavy and will definetly dent your car. The best option is to have it moved by a professional company in a truck to make sure it is safe and secure and worth the cost because the damage to your car would be more expensive. There are companies that specialize in pet moves so do a search in our top bar to help you find what you are looking for. Hope this helps, let us know if you have any further questions.

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