Cheapest Way Move Cross Country

Moving cross-country is often an enormous undertaking that requires a great deal of careful consideration and planning, and doing it cheaply can be a great challenge. Movers relocate cross-country to unite with a friend or partner, to reduce costs like property taxes, to find more affordable housing, for a change of scenery, employment, or to make a fresh start in their lives.

If a person is moving for one or more of these reasons, most likely they are already feeling significantly pre-occupied with activities surrounding these events. Planning far in advance of a move is a good way to avoid having to pay regular prices, rush - shipment fees related to door-to-door moving, and prevents having to pay additional or expensive fees to transport items that could have been sent moving cross country cheap or weeded out altogether.

Door to door moving is often thought of as one of the cheapest ways of moving cross country. Door to door moving is accomplished by shipping from home using a packing container, cube, or a trailer for large furniture.
Giving oneself at least 3 weeks of preparation time, according to most experts, is the minimum amount of time needed to properly organize and ensure that a mover can find the cheapest ways to move cross-country.

Cheapest Way To Move Cross Country

Cheapest Ways to Move Long Distance

A way to save even more money on door-to-door moving is to drop off and pick up one’s own things to the terminal instead of having them picked up, which could save hundreds of dollars. These movers may have an incredibly large amount of belongings or perhaps own several irreplaceable furnishings that are heavy to move, and/or are not accustomed to driving a heavily loaded vehicle across the entire country.

When deciding to hire professional movers, it is especially important to obtain in-home moving estimates with several different companies.

Obtaining at least 3 different estimates for all cross-country movers, free of charge, is strongly recommended, and a mover should get these estimates in writing so that each option can be plainly analyzed, while being able to refer to each price quote, similar to a receipt. This process is sped up significantly by filling ou the blue quote box on the right of this page.

The cheapest way move furniture across country that will move needs to be inventoried according to the specific type of furniture it is, if it’s a mattress, sofa, dresser, chairs, along with its quantity, and whether or not it is in good condition, slightly used, or falling apart. Next, measure these pieces, recording the information in an organized fashion. Becoming aware of these measurements will help in deciding which pieces will be able to fit inside of the new space, (provided that those dimensions are available). If the sofa for instance is too long for the walls in the living room, you might consider selling it, giving it away to friends, or donating.

Weeding out one’s less-than valuable, easily replaced, and/or unusable items is a cheaper way of moving cross-country, as one can save on the handling, packing, and transportation of these items. If possible, separate, unscrew, and disassemble items like futons and cribs, which will cut down on the required space. It will also cost moving cross country additional money if the movers have to disassemble the furniture. Borrowing or renting moving equipment could mean additional savings for self-movers cheapest way go college.

During these tough times that we must all adjust to survive, there can be quite a few instances when one should move or relocate to another state for various reasons. It is not just to follow our dreams but also to have a better life and greener pasture. If there is a catch in the entire process of doing it, it may be the price however there are some great ways of accomplishing it cheaply. Most of the times, we need to stick to moving cross country budget. Today we want to discuss and uncover effective and cheap ways of moving out of state.

You must already be aware or have the common sense that space on a vehicle is money that you will be paying for. In order to spend less on moving across the country, you need to minimize your belongings to be at there very least or the absolute necessities. Just take into account that you will be required to pay for everything from weight of the shipment, gas, guaranteed delivery date, if you need it and any other packing that you did not get done.

This is why it is essential that everything will be planned accordingly. Planning must be done beforehand to get average cost moving cross country. Little action plans should be systematic and should be in written form so as you will have a checklist of what you need to do on the actual moving day.

An inventory should be listed containing everything that you need. This will make sure that you keep only items that you still need and want and just get rid of the others that you don’t. When you have everything listed, you will not have issues forgetting something.

When you shop around for the best moving company to hire to help with the move, never concentrate on the fees that they charge. You need to discuss exactly what you need and then request a quote. If you think that by hiding that the building that you’re moving into at the other end has an elevator going up 10 stories and that the movers will just go ahead and do it for free, you are mistaken, don’t kid yourself. Describe everything to your move so that you know your real price. You should know ahead of time what you will have to pay so as for you to have a smooth flowing move out of state process. Fill out the blue form on the right of this page, it takes 10 seconds or less and you will be that much closer to getting a real quote from professional movers. The best part about it, it’s completely free.

cheap cross country moving

Never fret on talking to people. It is time to get those hands dirty and have everything planned while you still have enough time to do so. From each company that you obtain a quote, make sure that you will take time to review them one by one on their respective Moving Authority profile page. By checking out there profile page on our site, where you can see other peoples experience you can be that much more comfortable with the moving company you are eyeing to hire.

Rather than spending money on much too expensive moving boxes and packing materials, you are able to acquire moving boxes for free. This is another reason it is important to plan far ahead of time, so that you can gather the freebies. You not only save money but time because you are able to start packing in advance.

What is the best way to move out of a state?

The answer can definitely depend based on different perspectives and needs. There are many factors such as cost of belongings and the bar at which you set your budget when moving across the country. The options provided below are the breakdown of expenses for an out of state move.

Trailer or truck for rent:
For all the options available, this method can be considered the most economical way to move your belongings but people do not take into consideration things like fuel cost and who will be driving and if they are physically capable. You may think driving a truck is easy but you need to have your wits about you and it’s hard work turning a trucks steering wheel so you have to have an able bodies person that is able to do this on a long distance move. This method is also more accident prone than hiring a professional moving company. Knowing that this is the cheapest option available, this is your best choice to take if you do not have the budget to hire professional out of state movers.

Best Way Move Across Country Shipping and delivery:

If you will be travelling light, your best choice is tthe cheapest way move your stuff one state another. But I mean very light. This is for people who have no furniture and under 10 boxes. Then it makes sense otherwise it is inadvisable.

If you are going to ship yourself and a couple of bags you can also take a train. Remember however, it is against the law in the United States to ship household goods via train. This is a United States DOT law. Many moving companies have landed themselves in serious trouble and fines because of their ignorance of this law. If you are a consumer and a potential moving company says that they can get your shipment somewhere on a train, run for the hills.

In order to have a easiest cheapest way move furniture one state another remember you have to factor in the amount of things you have, if you do not you will end up in unpredictable situations which will end up costing you more to fix than if you had planned properly in regards to your transportation method.

If you have a friend who owns a huge truck you can cash in a favor and ask for their help. But remember if you’re going to go over state lines and it’s a commercial meaning you’re paying money your putting yourself and your friend at risk. Each state has weight stations that every truck must go through, if a truck randomly gets pulled over and inspected heavy fines could be imminent and possible jail time and the shipment being frozen at the location for an unspecified amount of time, after a situation like I guarantee you that you will have wished you had paid the money for a moving company. Most of the time it turns out that hiring a moving company is also cheaper and more effective as opposed to going with an uninsured carrier. It is known that USDOT loves catching unlicensed movers so don't think cheapest way ship cross country can work when going over state line.

You have to think about various things such as travel time, gas cost, the price of motel rooms, labor and having to sleep over in between trips, as well as storage of your belongings to realize the full and true cost of attempting to do it all yourself. So compared to that, all you really have to do here is fill out the blue quote box on the rights, it that much easier. You’re process begins and you are contacted by people who wish to take care of these issues and problems for you. Ask your friends and family about their prior experiences and they will probably tell you the same thing, it’s better to have someone manage your move for you and when you weigh out the costs, both financial and mental, you will see it’s very close to or cheaper going with a Pro mover.

Tips Moving Cross Country

After you have filled out a quote you may even be lucky in that there are constant promotions all over the moving industry, sometimes you will be offered a great price by a company that is currently sending vehicles in the direction you need to go. You may be even so lucky as to stumble onto huge savings. Savings can be found primarily the off season, which is from October through March. Peak season is during the summer months which is normally April through September. This is the busiest time for moving companies. If you’re looking for cheap moving service you now know the months in which you should book. With all things are considered, these are the essential factors that can altogether transform the rates that you will ultimately pay.

One thing to always keep in mind when negotiating with moving companies is that you should tell them all previous prices which you have been quoted as it will allow them to compete for your business. But do remember, don’t go for the cheapest price possible and you want to aim to do business with moving companies that have been within existence more than 2 years. No matter how beautiful there website looks.

Plan ahead in regards to where you will be staying during the actual transportation because it obviously won’t be an overnight thing. If you book an economy class moving service there could be a delay of between 3 days and 4 weeks before your belongings arrive. Many companies offer a direct delivery service but you probably will have to pay more for this especially if you are moving in the summer.

Moving Cross Country

Make a list of what you need to do

The old method of making a list with of your belongings goes out the window thanks to Moving Authorities comprehensive inventory tool, which allows you to select all of your items and their various quantities and transfers this information to the moving companies. You don’t have to sit on the phone with a list anymore and read things off. Make the list one and that’s it. If you are going to drive across the country, definitely make a list of the places you are going to stop and pre-arrange hotel accommodations. Another thing to do while driving across the country is definitely making a list of the places you are going to eat. If you like the cooking channel, find the chef that you love such as Anthony Bourdain and locate the restaurants that they rate in the places that you will be passing through. This will make your journey fun and you will eat well.

If you’re moving out of state with children it is imperative to have things organized. Children, even though they may be quiet sometimes have a hard time with a move. You can easily keep their mind active if you plan ahead with activities and make the move, for them, fun. This is easy if you follow these steps.

Now get planning and confront the move ahead of time. Moving is always a positive thing no matter the reason. Remember, change is inevitable in life but change also brings new meaning to life and exciting possibilities. Our advice to you, here at Moving Authority, is always be positive and let us help you in any way that you feel we can.

The only other question you might have after having read this article is What size moving truck will I need for my move? As usual Moving Authority, here to help and at your service.



Albert Fourie 1 year, 5 months ago

My family is moving only to the next town which is about 20 miles from where we are now. On our previous move we did everything ourselves and had a lot of rain damage and spent to much on gas. We are considering a moving company this time, but it also looks like rain. Is there any options to consider to get the least amount of damage in rainy weather? | Reply

Ashley Richmond 1 year, 5 months ago

Albert sorry to here that about the damage. A moving company has plastic materials such as saran wrap that would protect and cover your furniture. A mover is liable when moving you so they will use the appropriate material to protect your furniture. Its also dangerous moving in the rain so maybe consider hiring movers this time. Best of luck. | Reply

Jaco Thiart 1 year, 4 months ago

We are renting a trailer to move ourselves. Do I require a special licence if I go over state borders? | Reply

Ashley Richmond 1 year, 4 months ago

If the trailer is small, no but you can only hold a students worth of belonging. Service your vehicle before you make the trip. If you have more than a studio you should calculate your belongings properly by filling out the blue box above and adding all your inventory. The last thing you want to do is book a trailer and not have enough space and waist the money. | Reply

Mark Olsen 1 year, 4 months ago

How can I check on your site if the company I hire in my current down has a depot in the town where I am moving to? | Reply

Jason H 1 year, 2 months ago

What time of the year is the cheapest and most economical to move along the East Coast? | Reply

Ashley Richmond 1 year, 1 month ago

Hello Jason, Moving Season is May-September. This is when most people move so rates tend to be higher as it is much busier for companies during this time. Anytime that is considered off peak season when business is slower you may get better rates from companies. Hope this helps. | Reply

Love 7 months, 1 week ago

I think the cheapest way to move is based on two major factors which include planning and getting the right company for your delivery. You can agree with me that not planning well would subject you to paying for an extra time to unload your items from the company’s container. If you have equally planned well, you would realize there are items to let go at the point you are moving from. Such items should be disposed quickly to cut down the volume you’re paying for while cashing in extra bucks to assist in the move if you had it sold off. I’m pleased with this piece. Keep it up! | Reply

Tayler 7 months ago

Do you have door-to-door moving companies on your website and how will I be able to find one? | Reply

Adriene Berman 3 weeks, 2 days ago

When I was moving across the country, I did not have anyone to help me through the process. Using Moving Authority was the best help I could get. I still have a question about finding a cheap cross country mover, though. I know that I should never look for a company based on price, but I don't see how a cheap rate will make any difference when it comes to the way my goods get across the country. A moving truck is a moving truck, right? | Reply

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