International Moving Rates

  1. Moving Internationally Isn't Cheap
  2. Door-to-Door Services
  3. Calculations
  4. More Considerations

1. Moving Internationally Isn't Cheap

Plan to spend at least a few thousand dollars to move, for instance, a 2 or 3-bedroom house internationally. Rates, however, will vary drastically depending on which moving company is chosen, the distance one is traveling, the method of travel, and the total weight of the cargo.

Most experts recommend obtaining international moving rates from a company that is able to conduct in-home estimates. The company would come out to the mover’s home to calculate the total cost of the move and will recommend any special services the mover might need for the trip. They will also explain the various options for delivery into the foreign country.

A company needs to base its calculations upon what they can see visually in order to obtain the most accurate figures. These experts advise against obtaining rates online as these estimates often do not match the final total. Companies that conduct in house estimates will visit the home for a walk through to equate the volume and weight of the cargo.

Rates For International Movers

2. Door-To-Door Services

Door-to-door service is another convenient way to make an international move, and a mover will want to select a company that can handle the entire process from start to finish, delivering all of one’s item’s direct to their residence. Picking items up from a port in a foreign company is far more challenging and increases the possibility for problems, whereas having everything sent to the one’s address eliminates perhaps several other middle persons. Dealing with one company also relegates the liability of loss and damage to just the one company.

There are sites online that offer international moving quotes from a selection of the most reputable companies and these can save a mover some time. Send an entire home overseas by ocean freight using a very large metal shipping container cargo, or simply package items in normal sized boxes and containers, which is less expensive. Airfreight is more expensive but is also twice as fast as sea transportation.

Obtain online estimates for freight charges according to the footage of space needed.

The costs are calculated by the size of container chosen, for example, a 20 or 40-foot container might be selected for the move, then the types of objects being sent, the declared value of cargo, and whether or not insurance is needed are input into the platform, rendering an estimate.

International Moving Company Rates

3. Calculations

Normally the exact volume cannot be determined until the final packing is completed. There are also such calculators used to calculate the transportation of cars, vans, and other vehicles traveling on ocean freight. Ocean cargo is the most economical choice for large, heavy, and bulky items. Partition partial containers can also be purchased and are based on size.

4. More Considerations

Traveling expenses, required paperwork, and various regulations to enter a foreign country will incur additional costs. Contact the consulate or embassy within the destination country, to find out if there are any taxes to import one’s belongings. Some companies require a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks advance booking, so being aware of these types of factors is key to keeping the costs down. Experts recommend choosing a company that has been in business over 10 years and that is also a member of the FIDI (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux), a global alliance of international moving companies with a network in over 600 countries.