Largest Moving Companies

Largest Moving Companies in America

There are a lot of moving companies in the United States. Many of them offer different products and services to allow for maximum customer satisfaction. Smaller, family-run moving companies are a popular choice in towns where people move less often.

However, many people that live in larger cities must use moving companies that are capable of handling larger shipments. In this article, we will take a look at some of the larger moving companies in the United States. These companies are known for having god reliability and great customer service in the household goods moving industry. 

List of 10 Largest Van Lines in the U.S.A

1) United Van Lines: “America’s #1 Mover”

This Missouri-located van line is one of the largest companies in the United States when it comes to relocation. They use hundreds of agents in order to get orders all around the United States. United operates under parent company UniGroup Logistics, who bought them out after the dissolvent of their previous DBA in 1933. 

Number of Trucks: 7,512

United moving

2) Mayflower Transit

This company has been in operation for almost 100 years. They also offer a wide variety of moving and relocation services, as well as extremely competitive prices. This company also has hundreds of agents that operate all across the country, and even internationally. They operate under UniGroup, much like United. 

Number of Trucks: 3,128

3) North American Moving Service

This company operates in the United States, as well as overseas. They have representatives in all 50 states, as well as in nearly 200 counters around the world. 

Number of Trucks: 1,697

4) Wheaton Worldwide

This global company began 50 years ago in the state of Ohio. The company has also grown to over 200 agents worldwide, employing over 4,000 people from 50 different cultural backgrounds. This company also does whatever it can in reducing its carbon footprint. 

Annual Revenue: $209,140, Net Income: $6,900

5) Arpin Van Lines

This private company operates worldwide and domestic. Their headquarters is in Rhode Island, with over 300 agents in the United States, and operating centers all over the world. In operation for over a century, it’s not hard to tell how dedicated and passionate these guys are about moving. 

Number of Trucks: 645

6) Bekins

Founded in the late 19th century, the company began operation with horse-drawn carriages and only twelve employees. They have grown to one of the largest moving companies in the United States, with over 250 locations nationwide. The company has brought many fresh ideas to the moving industry. Their parent company is Wheaton Worldwide. 

Number of Trucks: 956

Bekins Moving

7) Graebel

Founded in 1950, this Colorado-based company owns nearly 900 trucks, earning recognition from Relocation Baker’s Dozen a few years back. They focus on corporate relocations. 

Number of Trucks: 828

8) Stevens Worldwide

Established in Michigan over a century ago, this company has grown to work with over 150 agents all over the country, as well as a department specifically for international operations. Besides relocation, they also offer record managing services. 

Number of Trucks: 623

9) AMJ Campbell

One of Canada’s largest moving companies, they now operate all across America, growing a considerable about since their 1934 founding. People relocating to Canada may consider this option. 

Revenue: $250,000

10) Atlas

This Indiana-based company consists of various transport companies, all of which operate in domestic and international markets. They currently work with over 500 agents, who not only specialize in moving and relocation and a corporate and personal level, but also in the transport of high-value goods. 

Number of Trucks: 3,759

atlas moving

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