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US DOT # 2568688

ICC MC # 965836


REQUIRED: $750,000

YEAR OF ESTD: 5/1/2015

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SUNDAYS 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM

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not available


(972) 242-4777


Red Carpet Movers 1611 N Interstate 35E Suite 414 Carrollton, TX 75006
Carrollton, TX 75006

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Was scheduled for a move at 8am this morning. They never showed. Owner responded to my texts saying he was just waiting on his helper and wouldn't give me an ETA. Eventually, the owner just stopped responding. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Do your research. Look at BBB and Yelp reviews for a more honest picture of this business.


Brian, the owner of this company, is operating this company against the STATE OF TEXAS LAWS. (Proof will soon be posted )
1) He is thousands of dollars in debt with the NTTA. HE REFUSED to pay tolltags fees and they put a lock in his redcarpet movers truck.
2) He is operating trucks that do not have valid registration. In fact, I received a ticket for operating a passenger vehicle with expired registration. ( proof will soon be posted )
3) He is stealing from his employees.
4) He currently has a driver operating company trucks without a valid driver license.
5) Under extreme heat he refuses to furnish his employees with water or any other fuilds to prevent dehydration.
This list can go on. Although he presents himself as a genuine business man and became very successful in the film industry, he is a snake and does not treat his employees fairly nor some of his customer's. I am a previous employee of his. I had to learn the hard way. There is countless times hes never payed me for things I did directly for the company.


Bobby and Rey C. were productive experts. Taken care of everything with consideration and helped me move into my new space and even offered to gather a few pieces. I need to give it the best appraising due to these 2! This Duo got me in truly rapidly. Exceptionally fulfilled!


We required some assistance with moving, mounting and putting in new furniture!

On time, decent folks, they were exceptionally useful in settling a little issue we had with a couch. Great evaluating with genuine administration, that is the thing that you are anticipating from a decent moving moving company! Can just suggest them.

Establishment made by Bobby and Chris

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