Smart Move USA

USDOT # 2500357
PUC # 2571
18572 Pebblestone Circle
Locust, NC 28097
North Carolina
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Additional Phone: 704-485-5330
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Moving with Smart Move USA

Smart Move USA is one of the listed movers in your country.
Our moving and storage company can transfer asset in your region from your previous home to your novel residency. Customers have besides disclosed to us that Smart Move USA is the practiced in the territorial dominion.
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We contracted Smart Move USA LLC to give emptying administrations to understudy outfitted condo ventures.

They worked for us for approximatly three months.

I was in charge of organizing their work.

Their execution deterioated enormously over the time they worked for us. The proprietor, Jeff, was oftentimes befuddled to the point of being not able work. He appeared for work ,most days, last. He was bizarrely absent minded. He permitted his staff to drive my van on the weekends,traveling 700 miles, without my permission.His workers took the van and disapeared for more than eight days,and Smart Move did not report it. We recovered the van, dirty and in undriveable condition all alone, without their assistance. Jeff let me know he couldn't see how it was his obligation to care for gear gave to him to use,nor might he be able to comprehend why we considered him responsible for his immediate reports execution, yet he gathered manager pay for his work. He dis-respected particular instructions,resulting in excessive additional re-work by others,as well as charging the moving company for un approved laborers to perform his work obligations for him.We experienced more harm and breakage issues with this firm than whatever other firm we worked with. Site staff griped that he seemed, by all accounts, to be intoxicated. He submitted incessant cases of non receipt of payments,and for every situation he had effectively gotten the installment. He had extreme difficulity submitting finance reports,expense reports,and precise receipts. He charged the moving company for more fuel than the mileage could legitimize, by a huge number of dollars.Overall, our encounters with him were bad,but he deteriorated after some time. Our clients and staff started to grumble about his non execution and missing mindnesses. He and his child still do neighborhood moving in the Charlotte NC region. I would be extremely careful about doing any busines with this firm.

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