Michaels Moving

USDOT # 782104
141 Andros Ave
Staten Island, NY 10303
Staten Island
New York
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: (718) 273-2202
Company Site: www.michaelsmovingusa.com

Moving with Michaels Moving

By providing peculiar servicing to Michaels Moving supplying sure service to our clients as we attempt to fulfil all of our customers motivation . To our clients, we need to pacify the demand of our customer home.
Michaels Moving takes into consideration the opinion and critiquing our customers may take in.
Michaels Moving can get hold of charge of your moving need, precisely interpret the inspection below.

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Much thanks to you for all the assistance gave amid such an occupied, wild and miss-feeling circumstance that a move will make. I was so please with the team the organization sent me and they were so useful. Gilbert and the folks were astounding. They make something excessively confused, making it impossible to look simple. I will thank you for all what you did amid the move. also, I will be alluding future customers/clients to you. It was a delight that you were sufficiently adaptable since I was not certain of the day of the move despite everything you could work with me.

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