Gentle Giant Movers Company

USDOT # 1325838
333 Jamaica Ave
Medford, NY 11763
New York
Contact Phone: 800-442-6863
Additional Phone: (631) 289-4592
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Moving with Gentle Giant Movers Company

Gentle Giant Moving Company is a moving company with three decades of experience. We offer the best quality local and national moving, storage, and packing services. We pride ourselves on our people. Our movers have the professionalism and training to execute great moves, guaranteed! If you're looking to save money on your next move,we suggestthat you check out our article onfree moving boxes.Save yourself time, money, and effort!

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This is very nice post Winter Moving and Storage located at San Francisco is the ultimate venue where you can guarantee a hassle free moving experience at competitive rates.

Ive used GG on two occasions now and both times been incredibly happy with the level of service I've received. I should mention each time they were spot on with my estimate, a difficult task for most moving companies. On this occasion I needed a piece of furniture craned in to my home (it just didn't fit through the door). My coordinator Will was amazing. He was always available, never made me feel like I was nagging him (I called a LOT!), and took initiative to expedite delivery when a slot opened up on the schedule.

The crane operator and his crew were also phenomenal. I assumed this would take hours and before I could look up they were done. It was the end of what I imagine to be a long day for them but they were friendly, fast and smiling the whole time they worked. Truly Gentle Giants. Any time I move this will be my go to company.

Essentially astonishing!!!
They moved my valuable craftsmanship accumulations with pizazz, proficiency and commitment.
My stamp and butterfly gathering was protected in their grasp. I felt calm and especially adored the consideration of Eric who took an extraordinary consideration of my most valuable Palos Verdes Blue.
I need to concede I simply adored his swelling abs...
Unequivocally prescribe!
You can't turn out badly with Gentle (sic!) Giant!

I have never seen a gathering of individuals do such an astounding move in all my years. They were quick, proficient, and didn't harm a thing. They were particularly inventive while moving huge things through entryways and so on. Awesome administration, and once more, a sensational experience. Certainly justified regardless of the cost.

Good Company. Please come in time as scheduled I almost think they will not come.

I utilized gentle giants administrations to move frindge at my flat. The men who came to help were fantastically nice, supportive, pleasing, and social. They took care of business rapidly and were exceptionally watchful in their work. They were by a wide margin my least expensive alternative and were so extraordinary to work with! everybody who I talk before through email and telephone was so kind and helpful. I really recommend them.

We they weren't giants when they turned up, lol. But sure did work hard. back and forth all day long. One they came the drive called the office and explained everything to me. Super happy with there service. I refer them Lori says good job, Your men said I was crazy lol.

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