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Moving with Two Men and a Truck | Grand Rapids MI

It all started with two bright young men drawing a logo and publishing it in the neighborhood paper, and now what it has become is somethign else all together. 30 years they have been around, 30 years.
The objective go far and above client desires by constantly updating our methods and training our workers. Whether a person or business is moving just down the road or all the way across the nation, they understand the stress and are known to put at ease.

After being in the business for so long, they have 320 worldwide locations.

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I was not happy with the service. The men seemed to move somewhat quickly initially, but continued to get slower and slower. By the end of the move, they were clearly milking the clock and went two hours over the estimate even though I didn't request any additional furniture to be moved. For example: it took an hour for them to reassemble a simple dining room table! They stood around talking, laughing and joking quite a bit rather than working. I don't appreciated paying hundreds over the estimate for them to have social time.

The main issue we had with the move was that the group by one means or another missed a jolt that held my father's bed together. When he was putting the sheets on it, it wasn't steady. In checking things our, a jolt was lost from the cross bars under the sleeping cushion. Since he didn't discover the jolt anyplace in the flat or back in his apartment suite, he and my sibling needed to discover another jolt in his accumulation of miscellaneous items and take the sleeping cushion and box spring off and set the casing up once more. This was the main issue we had. Something else, everything went easily, aside from a short hold up while the group dropped one fellow off at your office so another could assume control for him as he moved to an alternate task.

I got an email response to my review in which an operators said that they couldn't find my name in their records. I, clearly, didn't give my bona fide name for this circumstance in light of the way that the case is closed. Trust me, I was a customer. I have organized various, significantly more basic issues in my day; however dealing with this "head" over a senseless matter was unfathomable. All that I proposed was quickly met with a pointless, terrible counter-dispute. I am still steamed. My review doesn't change.

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