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Florida, with its year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, is a haven for visitors and new residents of all ages. Where else in the eastern United States can you lounge on the Atlantic Coastline at Christmastime? The palm trees sway in the breezes and the music blasts from outdoor restaurants, making everyone feel at home, even if just for a week on vacation.

However, if you’re looking to bridge the gap between vacation life and regular life, moving to Florida is always a good idea. With an active golfing community, there are several exclusive golf resorts and playing courses situated along the panhandle, as well as several opportunities to lounge around the withe-sand beaches and bask in the sunshine that gave Florida its moniker as “The Sunshine State.”

When you are ready to call the state of Florida your new home, there’s only one more call you need to make: Peluso Movers. With experience in the moving industry for over a century, this team of movers is a family-owned professional moving company which has been run for four generations and counting. Due to the close ties within the company, it’s their priority to treat everyone in their client base as if they, too, are a part of the family. The qualified and dedicated individuals who make up the staff at Peluso have been trained rigorously and thoroughly to ensure that your move is in the best possible hands. Every mover Peluso hired is seasoned in the moving industry and further trained to ensure fantastic service. This team has made a name for itself as the best movers Naples, Florida, has to offer, as a moving storage company that goes the extra mile for each and every one of its customers.

If you’re moving locally, a team will arrive on time and with a smile on moving day to assist you in transferring your household items to your new destination. Of course, Peluso doesn’t limit its service area to just local jobs; the team is an agent for United Van Lines, which is the top long-distance moving company in the nation, and you can be certain that your move with Peluso, whether near or far, is the most efficient and professional move you have ever made.

Peluso is a full service moving company, and aims to be your one-stop-shop for all your relocation needs. There’s no need to hire a separate storage company for your move; if you need storage of your personal items or furniture for whatever reason, Peluso offers climate-controlled and fully secure warehouses to keep your personal belongings safe from the Florida heat and from prying eyes. Additionally, Peluso offers portable pod storage, if you’d prefer to keep your items closer to home. The moving specialists on staff can also wrap and pack all items in your home if you are too busy, or if you just feel like letting the pros handle such an important task.

Whatever your needs may be, Peluso has the guys to get the job done. As a multi-services company, Peluso can get you anywhere in the United States. Whether you need help with a move, storage, or insider expertise, you know who to call. Contacting the company about service, moving, storage, or anything else is as breezy as the Floridian beachfront: to obtain a no-obligation quote completely free of charge or get some more information, check out their website at Also, you can call one of their qualified and professional moving consultants at (239) 643-3303. When you want your life to become like a vacation every day, choose the right company to make that dream a reality: Peluso Moving.

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Wonderful and stressful experience. Will use this company in my future move Thanks a lot Peluso Movers!!

Planning was simple, simply rounded out a structure online and the workplace messaged me back immediately. The cost was lower than others by a couple of hundred dollars. We had a planning stir up with the flat we were moving to so we realized that time would have been tight. The two folks arrived 30 minutes right on time to attempt a suit our calendar and after that continued to work their butts off to complete early. They were great at wrapping our furniture so none of it got harmed amid the move. Extraordinary experience!

I requested a lounge chair from Pier1 and lamentably they don't convey. A woman there prescribed I call Johnny the Mover. I called them the day the sofa touched base at Pier1 and was satisfied that Peluso Movers could convey my love seat that day! Three men showed up and conveyed the lounge chair speedily, professionally, and at a reasonable cost. Can't request considerably more than that sort of administration.

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