J B Moving Services

USDOT # 517785
222 Selleck Street
Stamford, CT 06902
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: (203) 602-7979
Company Site: www.movejb.com

Moving with J B Moving Services

JB Moving Services Inc. is a full administration moving organization giving private, business and International migrations, containerized capacity and also self stockpiling.
We additionally give long and fleeting containerized stockpiling of family unit or business casegoods. Our latest increases are our Records maintenance division and JB Self Storage.
With office space at a premium, this might be a reasonable option permitting records and dormant documents to be put away cheaply in a sheltered and secure environment.
At JB Moving, your needs turn into our necessities, your move turns into our move. To this end, we guarantee that the majority of the logistics included are meticulously wanted to the last detail. This guarantees the best possible assets are accessible at each phase of your movement.
We likewise trust that open correspondence and the vicinity of both senior administration and undertaking administrators and/or managers are crucial fixings that we convey to each corporate customer. Pre-move planning, post move surveys and routine status reports all through the migration are every one of the a piece of our "Turn Plan."
We understand that each customer is distinctive and one of a kind in numerous years. Our undertaking is to comprehend your particular needs and necessities and location them in the most financially savvy, effective way imaginable.
Experience and Customer Service – these are the two things that make JB Moving administrations one of a kind to an industry where the client is time after time ignored.

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We utilized JB moving over the thanksgiving weekend. It was the most easy move I have ever done. They were fast and worked proficiently. Cost were extremely aggressive. They didn't nicke and dime me for each bit of plastic wrap and so on... The cost was extremely aggressive.

Jb moving here and would like to say thank you to them for the move in August 2015 they did. Really hard working and quality service. Please update you emails they a little old fashioned but your movers were great.

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