TI Moving

PUC # 189485
13153 Pfeifle Avenue
San Jose, CA 95111
San Jose
Contact Phone: 408-677-6153
Additional Phone: (408) 578-5934
Company Site: www.timoving.com

Moving with TI Moving

We give:
  • We do packing(full or patial pressing)
  • We do Both Local and Long Distance(in California)
  • Family unit and Commercial
  • Short Notice Moves
  • All Truck Sizes
  • Charge a level rate in view of the quantity of things to move. On the moving day, on the off chance that you have couple of things more; it will be fine. On the off chance that you have alot more than the rundown you sent to us, we will charged you more.

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utilized them again for ideally my last move. Michael and his group are constantly gracious, brisk thus accommodating! Extraordinary rates!

Move was from San Jose to Palo Alto. Called TI Moving taking into account a proposal and contrasted with other very much appraised movers in sound region. Conversed with Michael and after we talked about cost, I got some information about the couple of awful audits. He let me know in the cases he'd managed the client had way belittled the amount of stuff they had.

My turn went predictably. Michael and two partners appeared on time and inspired right to work. They were done and unloaded in ~5 hours - and that incorporated an overwhelming teak lounge area table.

Bravo for incredible administration at a decent cost!

Did You Know

QuestionIn the United States, the term 'full trailer'is usedfor a freight trailer supported by front and rear axles and pulled by a drawbar. This term isslightlydifferent in Europe, where a full traileris knownas an A-frame drawbar trail. A full trailer is 96 or 102 in (2.4 or 2.6 m) wide and 35 or 40 ft (11 or 12 m) long.

QuestionIn 1971, author and director Steven Spielberg, debuted his first feature length film. His made-for-tv film, Duel, portrayed a truck driver as an anonymous stalker.Apparentlythere seems to be a trend in the 70's tonegativelystigmatize truck drivers.

QuestionIn 1978 Sylvester Stallone starred in the film "F.I.S.T.". The story islooselybased on the 'Teamsters Union'. This union is a labor union which includes truck drivers as well as its then president, Jimmy Hoffa.

QuestionA business route (occasionally city route) in the United States and Canada is a short special route connected to a parent numbered highway at its beginning, then routed through the central business district of a nearby city or town, and finally reconnecting with the same parent numbered highway again at its end.

QuestionCommercial trucks in the U.S. pay higher road taxes on a State level than the road vehicles and are subject to extensive regulation. This begs the question of why these trucks are paying more. I'll tell you.Justto name a few reasons, commercial truck pay higher road use taxes.They are much bigger and heavier than most other vehicles, resulting in more wear and tear on the roadways.They are also on the road for extended periods of time, which also affects the interstate as well as roads and passing through towns. Yet, rules on use taxes differ among jurisdictions.