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Understanding the motivation of the customer is authoritative for most all movers, like here at Valiant Movers.
Each customer has different necessity for their move, which is why Valiant Movers provides help and movers to come our safe to conciliate them.
In addition, take a vantage of the reviews by reappraisal below, whether you're only reading Valiant Movers limited review or writing them.

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Horrible company. They charged me for 730 cubic feet but after receiving my items I measured the space inside the truck my items used and it was only about 400 cubic feet. I was over charged i had my 25 dollar box of tide (laundry detergent) stolen and a couple of my boxes were missing. They told me I would get my items in approx. 5 days. It took them 19 days. This company stole from me lied to me and scammed me. In total I'm out over 7k. The over charge for the space my items used the tide that was missing and for the items I had to leave behind that I could have brought with me in the 730 cubic feet I was charged for.

Had a great experience with Valiant Movers. I had actually not finished packing when they came, but thanks to the team, they helped me with that part as well as the move. They were not just strong and helpful, they were also mindful of my minor instructions, and over delivered the service. They were equipped and worked the whole way through, took good care to the wrapping and moving. Courteous, professional, and funny guys. 5-star service!

I received a quote to move a 2 bedroom apartment and provided a very detailed list of all my belongings. The total estimate came out to 600 CF for $2,340.00. On moving day, the guys showed up 2 hour late and he after entering the apartment without not even seeing the furniture's (just about 15 boxes in kitchen) he says you have 850 CF not 600 CF. I ask him, how do you know you haven't even seen my place? He said, I know. Right there and then I knew it was a big scam. After moving a few boxes he says you actually have 875 CF...and then he says no it is 1000 CF. The total price will be $4,300.00. At this time I know that he is lying so I just agree with him and tell him that I will speak to the owner of the company about all this later on. I go outside and look at the truck and take pictures of the truck and space where my furniture's will go. I have attached pictures here and we all can see that it is not 1000 CF of available space on this truck, I don't think it was even 600 CF. The next day I sent a letter to customer care including my pictures and I got a respond back that they would only charge me for 600 CF "in case the driver did a mistake". That is all good and everything but I just felt so sickening about all this because I know I was a target, a woman living alone, we can tell her it is 1000 CF, she wont know. I wonder how many people that they have done this to? I know I can't be the only one. My stuff arrives to my destination. (I have a friend receive my furniture's as I am not at my new place yet) The driver text me and wants another $550.00 for elevator and long distance carry. I call customer care and ask them to not charge me for this after all the issues we had. I got an angry guy on the phone that called me every bad word you can imagine, he just kept screaming to me on the phone. I asked for his name but he would not give it to me. The text from the driver was very rude as well. they just have no sense off how to do business. They tell me if I don't pay the $550.00 for elevator and long distance carry they wont unload my stuff, they will take it back. So I pay. The movers spent 8 hours at my new place unloading! 8 hours! When I do arrive at my new home my furniture's where not reassembled as it said in the contract that they should be. I was also missing a commercial coffee maker and a few things where broken, a picture frame, glasses and a bed frame. I also had one box and a piece that doesn't belong to me. I try to contact the company and told them to please let me know where I can send the items that are not mine, I am sure somebody is missing them. But no they don't even respond to that. I have attached pictures here of the box and piece that is not mine. If you think it is yours please contact me. So needless to say I do not like this company and frankly I believe they are a big scam. If I hadn't taken a picture of the space in the truck they would have charged me doubled. If that is not fraud I don't know what fraud is.

We had so much going on with the quick sale of our home and a short closing date, we had lots of stress - but the moving of our items was not one of them. Valiant came in the afternoon and stayed late in the evening until the truck was fully packed. Our crew was terrific.

The professionalism these guys provided was truly excellent. I will not be using any other moving company from now on. If you are still looking for a real, reliable, honest and flexible mover, really, look no further. Valiant is a life saver!

They are some hard working fellas! Really got the job done right. They packed up all my furniture very well, carried my fragile boxes with care, and had a great attitude. I would not hesitate to use them again should I need to. Valiant movers are true professionals!

I hired Valiant movers recently for a last minute move and they really went out of their way to make it work. My move was easy and painless thanks to them, true LIFE SAVERS! Thank you for all the hard work, I am very satisfied with how it all went. Highly recommend!

Easy and breezy, no troubles throughout the move. All of my concerns were always raised and answered. Communication was always easy and making changes was easy as well since we reserved with Valiant directly, which also landed me with a nice discount! Thanks to everyone who was involved in my move.

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