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We are completely insured and guaranteed our moving services. Quality and brilliance in administration has been the establishment of our prosperity all through these numerous years. We pride ourselves on giving quality moves that have good administrations in your neighborhood, there isn't a long separation business clients and distpatch. Refural clients contain 32% of our business. We have the general man power and the truck assets to get you anyplace at U.S.A. we can offer unparalleled administration from a committed and very much prepared staff of experts. Our dedication to quality administration covers you from the first contact until you and your belonging are securely in the new home. We are consistently endeavoring to improve each moving job one step at a time. We are spearheading the utilization of new innovations which keep our clients better educated with the status of each move. We trust that the utilization of these new advances will permit us to better deal with your turn and furnish you with the genuine feelings of serenity that your property is in the best hands. New Planet Moving and Storage will give a free nearby estimate free of charge.

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Simply needed to thank you and say how glad I was with the taking care of and delivery of my 9100 pounds of furniture. Your movers showed professionalism and class with the way they took care of my furniture. Moses guaranteed me a delivery date, honored it and it truly amazed me. Again thank you for your great work!

I needed to have a back to California. You planet movers moving him back again I will say I'm a little upset of the increase in prices the weight but you did get a very good job wrapping up my stuff hopefully my new beginning in California again will bring me riches.

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