Mayflower Transit LLC

One Mayflower Drive
Fenton, MO 63026
Contact Phone: 800-241-1321
Additional Phone: (636) 305-4000
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Understanding the need of the client is crucial for nearly all movers, like those found at Mayflower Transit Llc.
Each client has different prerequisite for their move, which is why Mayflower Transit Llc provides services and movers to exercise our outflank to fit them.
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July 3, 2017 @ 8:01am I was almost hit by one of your trucks...the only reason I was not hit by this truck is because I had to slam on my brakes & cross the line into on-coming traffic. I understand semi trucks are HUGE & do not always see "4 wheelers", but I also know for a fact that this semi saw me, as well as everyone else that he had no disregard for. The reason that I know he saw me is because he was initially behind me. He was so entitled and important that when I had to stop for a car in front of me to make a left hand turn, he felt as if he shouldn't have to stop, or even slow down, so he flew around me and then decided to come back over when the car he ended up behind wasn't going fast enough for him. At that point, I was moving again, since the car in front of me made his turn. This is when I was forced in the on-coming traffic. Now the truck is in front of me & a tanker was in front of him, and we were all coming up on rail road tracks. Your employee decided yet again he was too important to stop behind the tanker that stops w/hazard lights on at railroad crossings, so he flew into the other lane again. After the first close call I turned on my cell phone video and also did camera shots to record the foolishness that was taking place. I also wanted to take picture of the company information so that I could report it once I got to my destination. I will mention that my destination is less than a mile from where we finally came to a stop at a red light. I travel this road 6 days a week. At one point I exceeded the speed limit by appx. 13 mph to catch the driver to take a picture of company info, prior to knowing we would be stopped at the same red light, just to give you an idea of how fast he was going. I have never been so scared on that road that I travel 2 times a day as I was this morning! To come so close to being hit by something so large is a truly scary and breathtaking thing! I will mention that I do not take this lightly...with that being said I was involved in an accident where I was in a vehicle that was hit by a semi on I-70 in Odessa Missouri. In that accident the semi was also in a hurry and decided he wanted to cut us off (similar to today) and came into our lane. Our van was hit & flipped 5 times over the median, across the traffic going the other direction, and finally landed. I lost 3 family member that day (both of my grandparents and my uncle). Somehow I survived, but I am always very cautions and respectful of the roads I share with these drivers. My mom, even after losing both of her parents and her younger brother to a careless driver, went on to become a truck driver. I couldn't understand why she would do this, until I realized that she truly made sure to be a safe driver. She taught me things about trucks and drivers so that I could be careful with sharing the road with them...respect. My mom worried everyday that she could hurt someone on the road because of the dumb things people in c

I got the cash for the furniture harmed amid the travel. Regardless I feel Mayflower site ought to have some approach to track the status of the case. They didn't give back my calls or phone message. Still I am fulfilled in any event they paid is for the harm amid the travel.

This was the most exceedingly awful move ever. I moved from Florida to North Carolina and had harmed furniture, boxes of broken things, box with spilling oil ointment for a shredder, and missing precious stone stemware. There were likewise things that were not boxed but rather labeled and put on the truck. Obviously they are all broken or tore, recolor and torn (lightweight flyer pads and clothing sorting rack). They are denying all cases and are as of now in discretion. They are stating that my things were taken to another area in the wake of being conveyed here, and after that returned here and that brought about the harm! How absurd!

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