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USDOT # 1329594
18255 NE 4th Court
Miami, FL 33162
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Additional Phone: (305) 620-2002
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Incredible customer service. Will be recommending to my friends and family! Thank you Nobel Van Lines Moving!! Awesome!

The least expensive, speediest, friendliest, and most careful moving knowledge of my life. I could pay in real money, they moving two flats into one in less than 3 hours, and I am fundamentally never going to lift another box again - on the grounds that Nobel Van Lines Movers will do it for me. Justified, despite all the trouble.

An excellent company, well organized and honest. I usually don't like posting reviews (Even due i always check them) but I used Nobel van lines services few times in the past few years and it was always perfect, so i figured that they definitely deserve an acknowledgement. Their sales people were always quick, accurate and sensitive to our needs. The movers were polite, nice and professional and their customer service follow up was very efficient.
I definitely recommend Nobel van line!

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