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USDOT # 1881168
2225 W Mountain View Road 4
Phoenix, AZ 85021
Contact Phone: Apache Junction
Additional Phone: (602) 716-5555
Company Site: www.aardvarkmoving.com

Moving with Aardvark Movers

Aardvark Moving offers a progressive, GUARANTEED Fixed Rate all ONLINE at the comfort of your home, office, or anyplace you have Internet access.Book your best course of action with Aardvark Moving and you'll never require an "estimator" to go to your home or business to give you a cost for your turn. Our ensured, level rate moving costs are BINDING, which implies its 110% ensured not to change on your moving date.Our progressive online programming strategy dispenses with the sketchy evaluating hones that numerous moving organizations force on you amid your turn. From our CEO down to the movers who handle your things, everybody arrives for one reason — to recuperate your moving agony! Aardvark Moving spends significant time in business and private moves. We even offer a compartment administration that will offer clean up your home to offer fast. This some assistance with being likewise an incredible choice for capacity.

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The guys who came to move we were great. Fun personalities, helpful and kind. That's about all the good I can say about this experience. They were horrible at loading the truck. There was some much wasted space. It was a slow process and should have been completed in a much shorter time period. It took my family of 4, 3 hours to move 2 years ago and it should have taken 2 hours for 3 guys to move out/ in. Everything was packed and ready for them to load. After 5 hours I asked they to stop and leave. I was done paying by they hour. What irritated me the most was i had to rent a U haul to get everything out. .
I spoke to the owner and I was refunded part of my charge. He was very nice and listened to my comments and understood my frustration.

This is my second move utilizing Aardvark and I need to say both Seth and Eddie who moved me buckled down and quick. In the warmth of the mid year moving me from a third floor condo and making 3 different stops they truly just enjoyed one 5 minute water reprieve. In the event that you require an awesome moving organization these folks were incredible!!

Rick Ramirez and his group moved us. They landed on time and rapidly and precisely moved every one of our assets for us (which included three flights of stairs). They were considerate and conscious of my specific wishes. I would prescribe them to companions. I would utilize them once more. Much obliged to you noble men.

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