Lytle's Transfer & Storage, Inc

854 Rogers Bridge Rd
Duncan, SC 29334
South Carolina
Contact Phone: (864) 433-6869
Additional Phone: (864) 433-6869
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Moving with Lytle's Transfer & Storage, Inc

Lytle's Transfer & Storage has been a family owned and operated full service moving & storage company since 1968. Lytle’s has six family members currently active within the company and over 100 employees. Lytles has 2 convenient locations; Tipton, PA and Duncan, SC.
Both spacious facilities were custom designed and built to exceed the needs of Lytle's moving and storage Customers. A high-tech security protection system assures that every customer storing items in this facility can rest easily. Every access door and window is monitored by a burglar system, while the sprinkler system assures quick response to any event of a fire.

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In spite of the fact that the amount of family unit products moved was genuinely little, my involvement with Lytle's Transfer and Storage was incredible. Robert, who assessed the move, was exceptionally proficient and precise. He gave the quote the same night. Kelly, the move organizer, was exceptional. She addressed my inquiries calmly and kept me all around educated all through the procedure. Despite the fact that the last conveyance was two or three days late, that was no major ordeal. Kelly kept me all around educated all through so I realized what's in store and I knew sufficiently far early that I could modify my calendar. The team who did the pressing and moving were incredible - they were cautious, systematic and wonderful. They touched base on-time and completed rapidly. They made a special effort to make the move from Maryland to Montana extremely charming. I would utilize Lytle's Transfer and Storage again - without inquiry.

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