Moving at Night: Is it Illegal?

  1. Moving at Night is an Elusive Topic
  2. Some States Have Laws Against Moving At Night, Best to Check
  3. Other Related Laws Such as Noise Complaints

1. Moving at Night is an Elusive Topic

Moving at night can all depend on what you’re moving. If you are moving a business or office, this may be an ideal time for moves to transport you to your new location. Office moving at night can allow quick turnaround, so that the business can operate the following day, or 24 hours after a move has started. Normally, a large move like this will take less than 24 hours.

Normally, moving companies will shift employee crews. You will need to have a moving company that has the correct amount of man power to do this. Make sure to contact building management if building insurance is required as well. Most large office buildings require them to be written on the building insurance policy before the move date. This is normally an additional cost for the building to be added on to the insurance policy, between $50-$100.

 Night Moving

2. Some States Have Laws Against Moving At Night, Best to CHeck

Household goods or residential moves are a whole different story. Most states, such as Georgia and Massachusetts, have laws against moving at night. In all states, however, if the police are called due to a noise-related complaint, you may face tickets and fines, depending on the state you’re in. If you are unsure of laws, contact the local police department in the area for more information.

3. Other Related Laws Such as Noise Complaints

There are also some laws that restrict the carrier’s ability to move certain loads after dark. In a handful of states, overweight loads may only be transported at night. Even if there are no active laws that prohibit relocation in the area, you may still want to consider other factors that may suggest a daytime move is better. For example, you should consider the noise that moving at night could generate. Excessive noise may lead to noise complaints from people in the neighborhood, which could result in police interference. You should not run into any issues as long as you follow all traffic and safety laws in the area.



Fred Delaney

4 years, 5 months ago

Unfortunately, I have to complete a night move because I am moving across the country and was not able to book a flight during the day. The movers were not very helpful in telling me the rules that I needed to follow for a night move, I guess its all the same to them. This article really helped, although I am still wondering about the rules that I have to follow when moving at night.

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

4 years, 4 months ago

Hi Fred, It seems they lack thorough communication with you, their client, which is never ideal especially in this special circumstance. Night moves are difficult due to noise complaints and depending on what state you're in it may or may not be illegal. If your movers are not divulging enough information about legality, I would do as we suggest above and call the state or city police to get to the bottom of this. I find it's always better safe than sorry, you don't want to have to pay to move cross country and have fines on top of that. I would proceed with caution until you've talked and confirmed with the authorities just in case.

I'm so glad this was able to help you and clarify some of your questions! If you need any other questions answered feel free to call the number listed below

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