How Much Does It Cost To Hire Movers

  1. Moving Expenses Can Be Very High 
  2. How Much Does It Cost to Hire Professional Movers?
  3. Professional Packing Services
  4. Cost of a Local Move
  5. Auto-Transport Services
  6. Long Distance: Charge by Weight
  7. Other Options
  8. Book Your Move During the Right Time of Year
  9. Charges to Expect for All Moves

1. Moving Expenses Can Be Very High 

Most movers rely on professionals mainly to physically transport belongings, while services like wrapping, boxing, packing, as well as unpacking one's belongings, are highly valued, though somewhat less essential. The national average cost for hiring movers is approximately $401-$999, and the median cost is about $684. The low cost is $200 and the high cost is about $1500. Moving experts report that 2 movers working for the day to move a 2 or 3 bedroom will cost $400-$640 at the rate of about $25-$40 per hour. This is not including packing materials.

Cost Of Hiring Movers

2. How Much Does It Cost to Hire Professional Movers?

Moving labor for a small apartment could normally be moved within a couple of hours of cost, and cost about $50-70 per hour, though additional expenses might be added for stairs and parking availability. Professional movers might charge $75 per each flight of stairs, and about the same for the long carry fee, which will be approximated at every 60-80 additional feet. In terms of square footage, the number of movers needed might be thought of as, four movers for 1750 sq. ft. and for a 5000 sq. ft. house, about six movers.

Choosing movers from a well-established company that is reputable is a good way to avoid the possibility of any fraudulent business transactions.


3. Professional Packing Services

Professional movers who provide packing services will usually cost what would be about 25% of the total price to move. You can save a lot of money if you do the packing yourself. Since there is no really cheap way to relocate, moves tend to cost a lot of money. Paying 25% of the cost of the move for packing and unpacking services will actually end up being a significant cost at the end of the day. Moving companies charging for packing services are called luxury moving companies, and they make it so you all you have to do is tell them what to do. It goes without saying that these luxury moving companies will cost more than a non-luxury moving service. Non-luxury services will just pick up your goods and take them to the new location.

4. Cost of a Local Move

Two professional movers and a truck would cost around $90-$120 per hour, depending on the season and the location of the rental. Three bedrooms normally take about 7 to 8 hours, which would be an entire day of professional moving labor, should cost about $800-$900. It might require six movers to move much larger homes, requiring roughly 4 to 5 hours or half the day, and will cost about $1500-$2000 to complete the job. Premium moving charges could run about $50 up to $120 per hour.


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5. Auto-Transport Services

Vehicle transport services to the next time zone over will usually cost at least of $1,000 up to $2,000 per auto, depending on the mover’s location. Movers who have rented a truck on their own and would like only to hire a professional driver might pay about $200 per day for a freelance driver. A few of the large self-moving rental companies often provide linked sites. This will guide movers to reputable and professional moving companies, along with a description of the services they each provide. They may even provide a description of other services they offer outside of what you would expect.

6. Long Distance: Charge by Weight

Hiring a moving company that charges by weight are a good option if you want to pay a more precise price. Long distance moves are often calculated by weight as opposed to volume. Many movers have to factor in weight when operating the truck on the highway.Paying a moving company based on weight is actually preferable to paying based on the volume of the shipment. In either case, you can always get an estimation of how much a move will cost by calling or using your company's online estimation tool.

7. Other Options

Not everyone wants to drive a huge truck for days across the country. It's common to hire professional drivers through the rental truck company. But, there are also companies that rent labor only for large rental-truck driving. These types of companies charge for the cost of the driver, as well as their food and lodgings. Movers will usually pay a 50% deposit to start the move, and the truck is usually delivered within 48 hours.Hiring a separate packing service outside of the moving company may be a great way of obtaining extra premium services. 24-hour moving companies are available in large urban cities.

8. Book Your Move During the Right Time of Year

In considering the cost of movers, keep in mind that the moving industry goes through seasons. The most popular times to move are during the spring and summer when the weather is more optimal for operating outdoors and on the roads. If you book a move during these months, you should expect to pay around 15% to 20% more than you would during other times of the year. Winter and fall are considered the off seasons for moving companies. 


9. Charges to Expect for All Moves

Regardless of whether you are moving long distance or local, there will be charges that you will have to pay. Customers often do not know about these charges until it is too late. Being informed about the charges that you will have to face is one of the best ways to save money on a long distance move.
Heavy item charge- extra charges will be incurred if movers have to transport items that weigh a lot. This includes heavy instruments, boats, and items that do not have a normal shape or dimensions.
Long Carry Charge- you will have to pay an extra charge if the movers cannot move items from your home to the truck. This also applies at the new location. When there is a lot of ground to cover, the move will take longer.
Canceling the move- you will face an extra charge for canceling your move. This charge will also apply if you change your move to a different day, and the mover cannot do this.
Fee for storage- you will have to pay an extra fee for storage if you ask for delayed delivery of items. This is more common on long distance moves, where the customer may not reach the destination for a few days. So, the movers keep your items in a truck or in their storage units. While it varies by company, this is often a pretty hefty charge.
Many of these charges are pretty basic, but customers fail to acknowledge them until it is too late and they have to pay. There are also some charges that are a bit less expected.
Expedited delivery- you will face extra charges if you request that your items are delivered on an exact day or time. Again, this is more common for cross-country moves.
Fee for garbage removal- this charge is usually part of the total cost of your move. It is actually not the decision of the company to decide this charge. It is more of a government tax for environmental protection. The company has to throw away moving boxes used on the move.
Stop charge- this charge comes when you request that items are dropped off at more than one location. For example, if you have them drop off a bed at your storage unit, then deliver items to your home. This adds time to the move, which is a great thing to charge for from the perspective of the mover.

10. The Closest to the Cost of Your Move is Using Online Calculators

So, how much does it cost to hire a moving company? Well, there really is no average cost to hiring movers. Seeing as every move is different, there are a lot of factors that can contribute to the cost of movers. The average cost to hire movers can, however, be calculated on a case-by-case basis if need be. There are dozens of online calculators that can be used to find a ballpark cost of your move. 



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