Movemart Relocation, Inc

USDOT # 787737
1501 Key Road, Suite. A
Columbia, SC 29201
South Carolina
Contact Phone: (800) 583-5548
Additional Phone: (803) 256-1078
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Moving with Movemart Relocation, Inc

At Movemart Relocation Inc., we think beyond the boxes.We understand that moving is about more than a simpleaddress change. It’s a life change.Our moving andstorage servicesbegin well beforethe truck arrivesand lasts longafter the final boxis unpacked.You’ll findfriendly, helpfulpeople ready tolisten and answeryour questionsthrough everystep of yourColumbia SCmove. Since 1964Wheaton VanLines has held the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approvalfor interstate moving, a sign that you can count on us foryour move.Movemart Relocation and it’s interstate moving partnerWheaton World Wide Moving, have proven time andagain that trust is essential to a successful movingexperience. Entrusting your life’s memories to MovemartRelocation and Wheaton World Wide Moving is morethan a promise of customer satisfaction; it’s a guaranteedway to put a smile on your face.

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This is the first occasion when we have utilized a "Turn Key " move.MoveMart pressed us and moved us.Nothing was broken not a cup,nota a glass,not a picture.It was cash well spent we couldn't be more fulfilled and would exceptionally recomend MoveMart to anybody moving.

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