Lint Van Lines

USDOT # 543541
4549 Delaware Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50313
Des Moines
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: (515) 265-8161
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Moving with Lint Van Lines

Lint Van Lines will append help to our consumers as we endeavor to assemble our clients original plans.
Our can carry asset in your expanse from your previous spot to your unexampled hall. Clients have besides disclosed to us that Lint Van Lines is the estimable in the territory.
Lint Van Lines can consume tending of your moving motive, scarcely register the recap below.

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I am extremely happy that I utilized this company. They were proficient, obliging and productive. I don't have one grievance. They will touch base on time, and be exceptionally pleasing.

I will utilize them once more, and would profoundly suggest the company.

John Stellmach , my driver and his group from Lint Van Lines, a United Van Lines moving organization in Des Moines inconceivably surpassed my desires moving me from Iowa to Minnesota. They were attentive, cautious , productive and auspicious. They were likewise great conversationalists and incredible diplomats for the business.

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