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Santa Barbara
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Additional Phone: (805) 453-2561
Company Site: www.jaredsmoving.com

Moving with Jareds Piano Moving

I began Jared's Moving And Piano in 1998, as an approach to help my dad who claimed Michael's Piano Of Santa Barbara with his piano delivery's.
Thinking back it is insane to surmise that I was professionally prepared as a Piano Mover in my sophomore year at Dos Pueblos High School. Subsequent to than we have made some amazing progress and I have had the pleasure of helping numerous customers with their moves regardless of how huge or little the employment's are. It is my aim to stay with the little as an approach to have amiable associations with every one of my customers. Try not to be tricked, however. We are flawlessly equipped for taking care of ANY size employment that comes our direction.

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Jared is magnificent. When we initially moved here I required some offer moving my trailer some assistance with offing of the road; I couldn't get it myself and didn't know anybody here. So I called his number and he appeared in several minutes and spared my neck. I attempted to pay him and he wouldn't let me, simply said, "Welcome to Santa Barbara." So obviously when the time had come to move my piano we called him and his group again for help. They were proficient and made an incredible showing. Cost was reasonable. Truly acknowledge Jared arriving for us; we couldn't have done it without him!

I have utilized Jared's Moving more than 5 times throughout the years. Those of us who live in SB comprehend moving is kinda of a consistent thing that happens more frequently than the vast majority of us might want. Utilizing Jareds administration is the best way to go, from expense to the aptitude of his staff, he makes the extreme circumstance of moving a breeze.
Much obliged again for all the assistance throughout the years!

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