The Best Movers for Interstate Transport

Best Moving Companies for Long Distance movers

  1. Companies for Long Distance Movers
  2. Inquire About Their Experience
  3. Find Out Estimates Before the Final One
  4. Does the Moving Company have Insurance?
  5. Subcontractors
  6. Make an Informed Decision

1. Companies for Long Distance Movers

Moving is a very stressful situation. Those that move to a distant location are under even more stress. Certainly, it is important to get organized before moving a long distance. The best way to get organized is to interview a group of top rated national moving companies. This is the optimum way to find the best moving companies for long distance moving. Let's take a look at a few of the key questions to ask the movers before making a decision to hire the moving company. Keep reading and learn how to find a good moving company.

2. Inquire About Their Experience

Moving company experience. Query the company on their experience in the industry. Read some of the best moving companies reviews at Moving Authority. Determine the amount of time that they have been in business. Avoid companies that are just starting out. They might cause more problems for the long move than solutions. Instead, hire a moving company with at least several years’ experience under their belt. A low-quality moving company will not last very long in the moving industry. Therefore, the length of time that a company has been in operation is a good sign of their credibility and are generally recommended moving companies. 

3. Find Out Estimates Before The Final One

Ask about estimates. As a representative to give you an estimate concerning the long distance move. Use the estimate to compare and contrast with any other moving companies that you are considering. If they are unwilling to provide an estimate, proceed with caution. Most moving companies are knowledgeable enough to provide accurate estimatesThose companies that are not prepared to offer an estimate are inexperienced or a questionable company
Ask about additional charges. Some movers apply extra charges to items that are fragile or difficult to move. Ask them if they charge more for extra-large items, heavy items, or items that are fragile. If so, determine if it is possible to negotiate a reasonable price for those items with the moving company


4. Does the Moving Company Have Insurance?

Ask about insurance. Don't assume that your items are covered during the move. Ask the moving company their terms. Most professional long distance moving companies will provide insurance. Insurance is usually based on a number of factors, which might include weight or the value of the goods transported. Luckily, the best moving companies for long distance usually offer insurance.

5. Subcontractors 

Ask about subcontractors. Many long distance movers subcontract to local companies that handle the move to the local area. Ask for the name of their subcontractors. Determine if they are a safe and reliable company before moving forward with your decision

6. Make an Informed Decision

In the best moving companies for long distance, it is critical to examine all factors. Choosing a long distance moving company is not hard. Often times, interstate transport just seems intimidating. However, with the right crew, things can go very well. When searching for an interstate transport company,  keep in mind that damage can be a result of an ill-prepared moving company. This is why it is very important to make sure the company you choose is licensed and has a DOT number.

Craig I

4 years, 5 months ago

How or where is the best place to search if the company I use is dependable?


Ashley Richmond

4 years, 5 months ago

If you are not sure whether or not a company is dependable, I suggest looking the company up on review sites such as Yelp. We also have moving companies listed here on our website so you can probably see if anyone has reviewed the company you were considering to use as a mover.


Velma Richards

4 years ago

Thanks for the advice on what to ask moving companies when deciding to move with them. Many new customers are usually lost when it comes to what they need to know about a mover that they are going to move with. For example, many new customers don't know how much money would be a fair price for their move and end up getting charged more than they usually would. It is a good idea for customers to ask for the final price so that they won't be surprised later down the road. If there is an on site estimator at your location, it is good to have them estimate everything you are planning to move. Sometimes you want something really large that you want to move and they might not take that into account during the estimate. Next thing you know, there is an extra charge that you weren't planning your budget for. You should also ask them for your insurance options for the move. You may not need much insurance if you are moving everyday stuff but you may want insurance if you are planning to move more expensive goods such as art or a hot tub. It's also good that you added the bit about subcontractors. This is because many customers don't know that a moving company can subcontract other companies for them. When customers sign a contract with a moving company, they usually think one company is responsible for the packing and shipping of their goods. In many cases, especially for long distance, this is not the case. It is always good to research the companies given to you by the company you signed with to determine whether or not you trust them with your goods. Thanks again for the article. It helps out a lot, especially for those moving for the first time with a mover or those who have not moved in a while.

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