Checklist for Moving an Office

  1. Moving an Office is Hard Without a Checklist to Keep Track
  2. Finding the Right Company 
  3. Make a Checklist and Organize It Appropriately
  4. Know When Your Items Will Arrive
  5. A Checklist Will Get Your Business Running Faster

1. Moving an Office is Hard Without a Checklist to Keep Track

Moving an office can be a particularly challenging undertaking. Since an office is a place where work gets done, there’s a good chance the work will need to continue fairly soon after the move has been made. This being the case, it’s important to make an office moving checklist and to ensure the office moving checklist is adhered to as closely as possible. Things to consider on this moving checklist, besides obvious big equipment normally used for your business, which will probably be moved by a moving company, are the little everyday office supplies.
  • Arrange the items on your office moving checklist by sub sections if you have a small enough office.
  • If there are several employees, encourage the employees to make their own moving checklist to help simplify the process.
  • When possible, encourage employees to be involved in planning to move their own office space. This can be particularly helpful for large office moves.

 Office Checklist

A moving company will likely be involved when moving a commercial office since much of the office equipment is going to be too big and delicate for office staff or business owners to move on their own.

2. Finding the Right Company 

Before you begin compiling you’re the office moving checklist, call around and find the moving company you think will work for you. While doing this, make sure you choose an appropriate company that is specialized in office moves. 

3. Make a Checklist and Organize It Appropriately

When you’re writing your office moving checklist, consider structuring it by categories to ensure a smoother transition to the new office. When an office is going to be moved, the office staff is normally aware of this in advance. Try to save boxes and original packing for supplies you can use to help make moving the office easier and more efficient. Make a section on the office moving checklist of items you made need to replenish shortly after you arrive at the new office. You can keep this section of the checklist separate, but be sure you have the section available. You may be low on supplies when it’s time to move the office, and there is no need to re-stock the supplies before the move, but you’ll need to know what you need to re-stock as soon as the office has been moved.

4. Know When Your Items Will Arrive

Ask them about their moving policies, any limitations they have and when they can be expected to arrive a the new destination. This information can be helpful to you when you are making an office moving checklist because you will know better what you may have to move and what you can rely on a moving company to move for you.

5. A Checklist Will Get Your Office Running Faster

While moving an office is challenging and the timing is crucial to the successful continuity of your business, making a moving checklist for the office is a necessity for your company that can save you time and headaches down the line and can also help ensure the uninterrupted flow of the important day-to-day operations of your business.


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