The Athlete's Moving Packing List

Tips for Athletes that are Relocating on Packing for the Move

  1. Plan Ahead for an Easy Move
  2. Athletes Require Access to Certain Items
  3. If You're an Athlete, Make a Separate List
  4. Pay Attention to the Details of Moving
  5. With Professionals, You Have the Time to Properly Pack Your Items

1. Plan Ahead for an Easy Move 

Moving is always a hectic process. You want to get as much packed up as you can before you’re actually ready to move, but you can’t pack things away you may be using. Deciding when to pack and what to pack is a part of the process that requires special planning, particularly if you have a lifestyle that requires you have daily access to items you may need to live that lifestyle.

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2. Athletes Require Access to Certain Items

Take, for instance, an athlete. There are certain items an athlete needs access to every day, such as exercise equipment and clothing related to whatever sport, or sports, the athlete participates in. This affects not only when these items are packed away, but how and where the items are packed.

The athlete’s moving packing list should be arranged in such a way that necessary items for the athlete are packed away last and in boxes that will be easily accessible as soon as the move is complete. This will help the athlete keep track of important items and will offer the most amount of access to essential athletic equipment throughout the moving process.

3. If You're an Athlete, Keep a Separate List

It’s a good idea if the athlete’s moving packing list is written separately from the moving packing lists for the rest of the items. If possible, oversee the packing of your house when the time comes so you can be in charge of where athletic equipment is stored.

If you’re using a moving company, let them carry on equipment that you can’t move, but keep clothing and essential smaller equipment with you when possible.

Even under the best of circumstances, some of the things you need can get lost in the move, or at least misplaced or buried under other things.

4. Pay Attention to the Details of Moving

This is why it can be helpful to oversee the loading and unloading process yourself, especially when you are using a moving company. You have to bear in mind that movers are experienced at packing their moving trucks for maximum storage, so the movers aren’t necessarily going to be aware of what you need and don’t need right away. Don’t be afraid to let them know about the items you’ll need quick access to when you reach your destination. You should also be wary of where your most important or fragile belongings are. 

The athlete’s moving packing list is no different than any other packing list really. It should be structured with the items being packed and numbers that correspond with boxes where the items can be located quickly. A numbered system that matches boxes with numbered items on a list will always make the moving experience easier and more efficient regardless of what you’re packing.

5. With Professionals, You Have the Time to Properly Pack You Belongings

When you hire a moving company, always get a plan of action from them. Find out when they plan to arrive at the destination you’re moving from and the destination you’re moving to. This can help you arrange your schedule and give you a time frame for when you need to pack your athletic items. When the time finally comes to move, the athlete’s moving packing list you’ve already set up will help you store and transport your most essential things in such a way that you will lose as little access as possible.


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