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Moving with Condor Moving Systems

Condor Moving Systems a Dallas and Fort Worth based full service moving organization established in early 2000's that represents considerable trust in private family unit moving quality and business relocation. We serve the whole State of Texas, including the city of Dallas, also Fort Worth,and  Houston, Austin, and wonderful San Antonio, and numerous others the State of Texas.
Whether you are moving interstate or a nearby move let Condor Moving Systems give you the best moving customer service at the most focused rates. Condor offers extensive variety of moving abilitys from fractional online support of full-pressing administration or fleeting to long haul arrangements and car transport, transport administration, crating, treatment of collectibles, pool table and heavey piano moves.
Our main goal is to be a furnish moving group unrivaled with the most noteworthy quality. We are continually looking ahead, expanding on our qualities and stepping up to make your move an anxiety free ordeal. Our theory is to make the get, transportation and service of your effects anyplace proficiently and professionally.
Don't over pay for your turn by running with a National Van Line let Condor Moving Systems spare you cash while as yet transport the most noteworthy quality moving administration. In case you're arranging a move anyplace in Texas, don't delay – Contact Us today.

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The worst service. They tell half ttuths, have the infotmation to extend out delivery times for their benefit, not the customer. No integrity.

I don't know where to start. The owner of the company came to give me a quote. He seemed very nice and personable. He assured me that his company would take care of me and my family and gave me a very reasonable quote. We talked about our things arriving to our new home (from Dallas to VA) 3 days after being loaded onto the truck. The day of movers were on time and absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately, that's where the service STOPPED.
We were first told that the truck would be a day later than originally anticipated. It was then that I learned that they put our things on a semi loaded with others' belongings. This was never discussed with me the day of. Had I known, I would NEVER had hired this company.
We were then told it would be a couple MORE days because the truck broke down. Meanwhile, we are in our new home in our new state with NOTHING- with our two young children. No cookware, no beds, no towels, no lunchboxes for school, no school clothes, etc.
THEN we were told (by the driver) that he would be even more late because he was delivering other things to other people in other states. Probably with our stuff on the back.
THEN I was told that the truck was broken down still. The stories did not add up and Condor continued offering false promises and apologies and excuses.
NOW, the delivery driver is refusing to give me ANY updates as to the whereabouts of our things or even a possible delivery date. No responses from Condor. No answers. Just excuses.
This has been such a nightmare and has put such a stain on this entire move. I have no idea if we will ever see our things again. Some of my items belong to my late husband who died in the line of duty. I had planned to pass them down to our son. Now I may never have the chance. Think twice before you hire this moving company. LOOK AT EVERY WORD IN THE CONTRACT.

I have utilized Condor Moving 3 time as a part of the last 4 yrs. Each time they have been extremely proficient and on-time with everything. Amit was on top of each every move. Incredible Guy!!

The mover, Jesse and Jim. I have asked for my last 2 movers. They are the BEST! Demand them. They will take great consideration of your stuff.

This is the #1 Moving Company! I would not utilize some other.

Much obliged to you for making my upsetting moves simple.


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