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Most people who move do so during the summer. Food banks also face their greatest need during the summer months, when students are on vacation and no longer receive reduced or free lunch at school. By choosing one of our socially-responsible movers, you can help feed a child in need.

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Very good moving experience! All of the workers were so nice and friendly. The owners coordinated the entire move smoothly and were very polite through the whole process. I have moved a few times, but this time was by far the best!

Maintain a strategic distance from AVOID AVOID!!!! Their child, John, is one of the packers and when he isn't in your restroom, he's on his Phone Facebooking. He doesn't have ANY thought how to pack and just tosses EVERYTHING into boxes. He doesn't stamp the cases or effectively distinguish what is in them on the stock. I discovered my adornments confine I purchased Iraq underneath all my fitness coach light weights. Nothing was wrapped or in ANY request. He took pictures off the divider and tossed them in the crates and put more weights on them. The casings are broken and there is glass all in the container. His Cousin came over on the grounds that nobody tried to pack the TV's the point at which the movers came and needed to continue pressing the TV since he didn't know how and after that neglected to get the serial number, so he needed to repack it. I've been in the military 17 years and moved 7 times. This is BY FAR THE WORST MOVE I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!! Nearly all that I have is harmed somehow.

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