Miracle Movers

USDOT # 2461529
PUC # 2562
4607 Franklin Avenue Suite 216
Wilmington, NC 28404
North Carolina
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: 910-782-2914
Company Site: www.wilmingtonmovingservice.com

Moving with Miracle Movers

Hiring a Wilmington, NC, mover can be a great way to take some of the burden off your shoulders for your upcoming move. If you're looking for courteous, respectful movers who are efficient and on time, look no further than Miracle Movers - Wilmington. We can assist you with both residential and commercial moves. We also offer competitive pricing, so you can be sure to get a great deal by working with our company.

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Wonderful Service, Great Experience and will recommend to my clients and anyone moving!! Can't say enough great things about this company!! Thanks!

If you are making a big move I recommend using any other company. After the initial meeting with the owner, the employees and the owner were difficult to get in touch with, as well as they never seem to be on the same page, which made it difficult to know what was going on. On move day the movers showed up an hour late with no call beforehand to let me know and after they packed up they left a huge mess behind. They also advertised a 25% discount off the travel fee in their brochure which is why we went with them over other other businesses. The employees assured us it would be applied before we moved but it wasnt. Long story short, after multiple calls they didnt honor that and we were badgered by the owner to find a lower price somewhere else. We were patient with the movers and generous with their tip, however we were treated terribly through the process. Do yourself a favor and use another service for moving.

Eric and Anthony worked very well together moving bedroom furniture! I would highly recommend Miracle Movers to anyone needing help moving anything. These guys are very professional and smart to get the job done! Great Job !

Truly a "Miracle" for us! Called on a Saturday morning (other companies could not get to us for over a week and were very expensive!), and the Miracle Movers were at our door on Sunday morning at 11:00! Moved us to Myrtle Beach in a matter of a few hours. Wayne and Zack were THE BEST!! And the pricing was lower than anywhere else in town! We highly recommend and will use them again soon!!

We had a three story beach house full of furniture. Viney and his team did a wonderful job moving the furniture to three stops and drops in Chapel Hill, Greensboro and Kernersville. The team was quick and very courteous. I highly recommend them for your next move. I would use again...totally satisfied.
Michael Jarvis set up the move and made all the right recommendations.
Thank you Mike Haley

Mike, Charles and Wayne were amazing.

Daniel Tyree and Jay are a great team. Professional, efficient, careful and hard working. They made our move easier and less stressful than we expected. We high recommend them and Miracle Movers. Thank you.
We were in great hands!

They moved around 60 boxes and a 2br adept worth of furniture in around 80 minutes. No breaks, no scratches. Neighborly, legit, prompt. I exceptionally suggest these folks

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