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300 E 78th St Apt 2N
New York City, NY 10075
New York City
New York
Contact Phone: 888-377-3180
Additional Phone: (212) 777-5507
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Moving with Ideal Moving and Storage

We are a full service NY moving company, and you can be sure that from beginning to end, your move will be coordinated by us. At Ideal Moving & Storage we understand the difficulties involved in leaving your home and moving to a new residence. We would like to make this transition easier for you by helping you better organize your move. We have many years of experience in the moving business with over 20 years of experience as a NY Moving Company.

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Your Ideal Moving and Storage Reviews

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It felt really nice to have real professionals in my corner for my most recent move. I owe you guys a debt of gratitude for that amazing job. You guys are truly the best.

Relaxing move with hardly any hitches. The communication from the company and the crew was brilliant, and I was well informed about the progress of the move at every stage. Keep doing what you are doing guys because you are absolutely the best.

Beautiful experience with beautiful people who know exactly what their clients want. Ideal Moving has all my moving business until the time I no longer need to move. Thanks guys!

No complaints here. Good work guys, you have made moving an actual pleasant experience. I hope to work with you once again soon.

If you are planning a move, and are not thinking of hiring Ideal, you are already making your move difficult. I chose them, and my move was beyond superb. Choose wisely.

Thank the heavens that I found you guys when I did. I was in a real jam, but you guys swooped in and saved the day. And thanks for being so affordable. Again, you guys are just amazing!

Never had a more enjoyable move, and it is thanks to these guys from Ideal. They have done a remarkable job, and I am super happy that you guys came through for me. I will definitely hire them again if another chance arises.

Best move ever! Everything went along so smoothly, and I am still in shock as to how easy and simple that move was. Everyone has to try these guys out. Everyone!

Trust me, you cannot go wrong with Ideal Moving. I have been using them for a couple of years now, and it is so rare for them to disappoint me. So far, I am pleased with the work that they have been doing for me.

Very impressed with these guys! Excellent job, and they are definitely worth recommending to anyone else who might require moving services.

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