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Brooklyn, NY 11205
New York
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They were hard working, polite, and worked quickly to pack up the place. All of our items were packed properly and arrived in their original shape. They even helped us move a few of the items already at our new place. We greatly appreciated their hard work and were relieved that the day went so smoothly. Many thanks to Dumbo Moving.

They were hard working, polite, and worked quickly to pack up the place. All of our items were packed properly and arrived in their original shape. They responded quickly and gave me information and an estimate once I spoke to them. They even helped us move a few of the items already at our new place. We greatly appreciated their hard work and were relieved that the day went so smoothly. Many thanks to Dumbo Moving!

If you are looking for the right movers to help you out, you just found them. No issues or scratches - just like we hoped it would go. The company was respected and followed through in a professional manner. Great job! All boxes and furniture seemed very well handled. Will definitely recommend them to friends... Thanks Dumbo Moving.

Dumbo Moving were punctual, efficient, and communicated very well. They called me the day before and morning of the move so communication was excellent. When I asked if they'd make a stop to deliver some of my items to a third location, they were extremely accommodating. I felt bad for how many stairs there were involved in the process but they handled those stairs carefully and efficiently. They're awesome and I highly recommend!

I was really impressed by the professionalism of Dumbo Moving! We had a good experience overall with Dumbo Moving. They were on time, super fast, efficient, and friendly. It was SO much better than moving ourselves. They were also very fast to respond to a request for a quote. Overall, they were incredibly hard working and fast. Highly Recommended.

Dumbo moving made everything look so easy! From the very clear quoting process to the truck inspection after the move, the whole process is open and straightforward, which is one of the things I appreciated the most. I've hired these guys and was so impressed with the hard work and professionalism of everyone I worked with from planning to moving day. They are pros, do their job well and take good care of your stuff. So they should be paid fairly. Amazing experience! I'll never move without professional help ever again!

Dumbo Moving helpful, very professional, fast, and very fair pricing. Nothing was damaged at all in the move. They carefully wrapped all furniture. Never did I think anything was compromised. They were absolutely terrific. They wrapped everything with both speed and care. My art and framed things were carefully wrapped and protected in a special place in the truck. You can feel confident about these guys. Highly Recommend them!

Dumbo Moving were really fast! This is definitely a great moving company. They carried their own supplies from boxes to wrapping tapes, and nicely covered all my items. We got everything ready to go within an hour of time! I really don't want to have to move again for a while but if I do, I'll definitely be calling them again.

I can't say enough good things about Dumbo Moving. From the beginning of the process, Justin was accommodating and easy to work with. They moved everything without any issues and wrapped all furniture thoroughly to ensure it was protected. When other things seem to go wrong on moving day, it is good to know you can depend on these guys to be on time and to work hard. I worry about anything! When we arrived at our new house, everything was unpacked and placed where I asked them to, and once again, was all done in an organized process! Would highly recommend!

It was really a good moving experience. They are very reliable and easy to book! I will definitely use them again someday and will recommend to my friends! Awesome job Dumbo Moving!! Another happy customer indeed! I highly recommended them.

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