William C. Huff Moving

USDOT # 361089
26 Colonial Way
Barrington, NH 03825
New Hampshire
Contact Phone: 800 247 5564
Additional Phone: (603) 335-2967
Company Site: www.wchuffmoving.com

Moving with William C. Huff Moving

It began in 1908 when John Cote and a companion were enlisted by a neighbor to move a piano. After fifty years, when William Huff assumed control over the little two-man business, property holders required help moving such cutting edge accommodations as TVs, washers and dryers, and fridges. Episode and his sibling Clyde put in the following 40 years moving family units when Jim L. Henderson purchased the settled family business in 1988. From that point forward, Henderson has extended the moving organization to serve a more prominent number of customers at the same time keeping up its long-standing conventional qualities and principles.The mix of our kin, hardware and offices results in a quality, sans stress move for you, your family and your resources. Merv Richards, Chief Conservator for the National Gallery of Art, has given broad preparing in artistic work, model, collectibles and wine pressing, taking care of, transportation and capacity.

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Prompt, efficient and responsible. I was able to move in record time, no damages. Five stars!

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