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Fenton, MO 63026
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Moving with Alite Van Lines

Alite Van Lines provides certain overhaul to our consumers as we attempt to fulfill our customers wants.
Our moving and storage company can transport assets in your region from your previous property to your freshly hall. Clients have as well disclosed to us that Alite Van Lines is the substantially in the territory.
Therefore, take a reward of the reviews by revaluation below, whether you're simply reading Alite Van Lines reviews or writing them.

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I can't describe how poor of an ordeal I had with United Van lines. On the first day of the move, the organization did show up, yet showed up 2 hours late the second day. One mover appeared to my home, went into alcohol withdrawal, and left work. The manager showed little concern, and blamed me for 'simply needing a markdown' when I complained the first time. 2/3 of stuff showed up a day early and the rest 3 days late. They have a 'guarantee for on-time delivery' which they didn't respect since they said 1/3 of my stuff was 'overflow.' Severe damage to my furniture, and I have yet to get a claims form. On top this, they sent via the post office an additional bill 3 weeks after the move. I have moved 6 times earlier without any problems.

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