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We are an Allied Van Lines agent with a great fleet of trucks, efficient and friendly movers, safe drivers, and all the licensing, bonding, and insurance that you could ask for. But, there's much more to Piepho Moving & Storage. Find out why our customers rate us so highly.

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Generally speaking, these folks made a really decent showing with generally things. Nonetheless, they fouled up in two or three unique regions. Initially, they were deceiving re: how watchful and experienced they are in moving pianos. We would not prescribe them for piano moving! There were numerous dings (it resembled the legs had all been dropped,) and the pedal framework was bowed. When we asked that they repair it, they essentially kept in touch with us a check for a sum came to from a mathematical statement they use for fundamental scope.

Additionally, in our crosscountry move and in the wake of putting away our furniture with them for 4 months, they by one means or another left 2 extensive areas of our sofa and another seat back in the stockroom. They were a few days late with the primary conveyance and it was an additional 3 week hold up to get the missing pieces.

In the wake of seeing the negative audits here on Yelp! I was, to be completely forthright, stressed over joining with Piepho, yet the polished skill and politeness that I was appeared, cleared me out. I chose to expound on the positive experience I had with Piepho.

To begin with, we were moving crosscountry and our minimal one room loft did not have much stuff, on getting cites from different movers, we understood that the weights relegated were according to some inward programming and was including numerous additional pounds and inturn $$$$s to our quote. We identifies with Paul from Piepho who came over, and gave us a quote on the spot after expressly valuating our stuff, which was an alleviation since our lounge chair did NOT weight 350lbs as what was cited by alternate merchants.

Closer to the move, we were given over to the move co-ordinator and nearly everything went as perfect timing. The two man stacking group appeared, labeled and stacked the stuff, while they gave us an evaluation of 5-14 days for the move, we were enjoyably shocked to get a call from the truck driver 6 days after our stuff left home. He settled a period with me and beyond any doubt enough there was an emptying group that accompanied the truck to empty and place the things in the rooms that I asked for them to do as such.

They were proficient and considerate, and I truly enjoyed the way that they initially took off rugs onto the wooden floors so as not to harm the deck.

They emptied, marked and left as fast as they came.

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