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Jennifer Biga

Jennifer Biga


I would give them ZERO stars if I could. These people are by far the most unprofessional people I have ever dealt with!! My father died on December 14th and with his home about to be foreclosed on and padlocked at any time I was left with the task of moving his stuff out of his house. On December 28th I spoke to Matt, the owner of the company, to get a quote and schedule a day and time for them to come out. We scheduled it for Friday 1/1/21 at 9am, but due to a chronic illness I have and not being able to get any help packing, I needed to reschedule it to Saturday. Matt told me that "Saturday would work and they'd be there between noon and 2pm." Long story short, they never showed up on Saturday because they had overbooked themselves and asked to reschedule it for Sunday. After having already waited around all day, I rearranged my schedule, said ok and agreed to meet them at the house between 9-9:30am. This morning (Sunday) they had another issue that made it so they didn't show up and when I called the owner, around 11:30, to find out what was going on, he told me he had given the crew the wrong address and they'd be there in about an hour. I asked if he would be willing to offer a discount since they hadn't shown up on Saturday and were already 3 hours late today and the owner flipped out and started yelling at me telling me that that this was all my fault since I had rescheduled it from Friday. He then went on to say he was not going to give me any discount and that if i wanted the job done I would pay full price and if i didn't like it I could go elsewhere. I responded by saying wow that's very unprofessional at which time he hung up on me A few minutes later he started texting me, harassing me and complaining that he had been sick for the past 3 days and was arranging all this from home. I told him I was very sorry that he was sick but that that should not be made to be MY problem as I am a paying customer, especially since he was not even with the crew that was coming to do the move and because he was the one who overbooked his crew so they did not show up on Saturday as scheduled. He then told me he was sending the crew home and good luck trying to find someone else! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS COMPANY!!! If this is how they treat someone who's father just died, imagine how you will be treated in your time of need. They are only $40 cheaper than other local companies, so save yourself the hassle and call some REAL professionals!!!


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Did you know?

Medium trucks are larger than light but smaller than heavy trucks. In the US, they are defined as weighing between 13,000 and 33,000 pounds (6,000 and 15,000 kg). For the UK and the EU, the weight is between 3.5 and 7.5 tons (3.9 and 8.3 tons). Local delivery and public service (dump trucks, garbage trucks, and fire-fighting trucks) are around this size.

Trailer stability can be defined as the tendency of a trailer to dissipate side-to-side motion. The initial motion may be caused by aerodynamic forces, such as from a cross wind or a passing vehicle. One common criterion for stability is the center of mass location with respect to the wheels, which can usually be detected by tongue weight. If the center of mass of the trailer is behind its wheels, therefore having a negative tongue weight, the trailer will likely be unstable. Another parameter which is less commonly a factor is the trailer moment of inertia. Even if the center of mass is forward of the wheels, a trailer with a long load, and thus large moment of inertia, may be unstable.

Business routes always have the same number as the routes they parallel. For example, U.S. 1 Business is a loop off, and paralleling, U.S. Route 1, and Interstate 40 Business is a loop off, and paralleling, Interstate 40.

A relatable reality t.v. show to the industry is the show Ice Road Truckers, which premiered season 3 on the History Channel in 2009. The show documents the lives of truck drivers working the scary Dalton Highway in Alaska. Following drivers as they compete to see which one of them can haul the most loads before the end of the season. It'll grab you with its mechanical problems that so many have experienced and as you watch them avoid the pitfalls of dangerous and icy roads!

“Writer-director James Mottern said he was influenced by nuanced, beloved movies of the 1970s such as "The Last Detail" and "Five Easy Pieces." Mottern said his female trucker character began with a woman he saw at a Southern California truck stop — a "beautiful woman, bleach blonde ... skin tanned to leather walked like a Teamster, blue eyes.” - Paul Brownfield

The decade of the 70's in the United States was a memorable one, especially for the notion of truck driving. This seemed to dramatically increase popularity among trucker culture. Throughout this era, and even in today's society, truck drivers are romanticized as modern-day cowboys and outlaws. These stereotypes were due to their use of Citizens Band (CB) radios to swap information with other drivers. Information regarding the locations of police officers and transportation authorities. The general public took an interest in the truckers 'way of life' as well. Both drivers and the public took interest in plaid shirts, trucker hats, CB radios, and CB slang.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) conducted a series of tests. These tests were extensive field tests of roads and bridges to assess damages to the pavement. In particular they wanted to know how traffic contributes to the deterioration of pavement materials. These tests essentially led to the 1964 recommendation by AASHTO to Congress. The recommendation determined the gross weight limit for trucks to be determined by a bridge formula table. This includes table based on axle lengths, instead of a state upper limit. By the time 1970 came around, there were over 18 million truck on America's roads.

Heavy trucks. A cement mixer is an example of Class 8 heavy trucks. Heavy trucks are the largest on-road trucks, Class 8. These include vocational applications such as heavy dump trucks, concrete pump trucks, and refuse hauling, as well as ubiquitous long-haul 6×4 and 4x2 tractor units. Road damage and wear increase very rapidly with the axle weight. The axle weight is the truck weight divided by the number of axles, but the actual axle weight depends on the position of the load over the axles. The number of steering axles and the suspension type also influence the amount of the road wear. In many countries with good roads, a six-axle truck may have a maximum weight over 50 tons (49 long tons; 55 short tons).