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We couldn't be happier with the service we received from Vanguard. We recently had to move from Cambridge, MA to Santa Fe, NM (in the middle of the pandemic, no less!) We weren't sure if a local company would be able to handle this cross-country move, but Vanguard responded to our query within hours. Since in-house visits were impossible because of COVID, Vanguard based their estimate on a FaceTime tour of our apartment and things (the only company to do so; this meant they were also more confident in and committed to their estimate than other moving services we considered). The quote we received was very reasonable and lower than other companies we'd looked at. Tom and his crew showed up on time (wearing PPE) and were extremely professional and friendly. Vanguard was communicative with us throughout the move, they arrived on schedule, and not a single item of ours was damaged in the 35-hour drive. And as a final (unheard of!) surprise, the cost we paid ended up being a little lower than the estimate, since packing and unpacking took less time than they'd predicted. I would recommend this company to anyone with enthusiasm -- they combine the communication and care of a local business with the infrastructure and capacity of a much larger company. Thank you, Tom and Julie, for all your help! You made what could have been a very stressful move so easy for us.

Carol P.

Carol P.


Five Stars!!! Recently used Vanguard in Hyannis, MA. Everyone I dealt with was professional, responsive to requests, efficient and very fairly priced. Would definitely recommend!

Chris L

Chris L


I would give them zero stars however it's impossible. We were under a tight moving due date and they said they can suit us. We gave them out move out date. After two days they turned out and looked at the occupation then we got a quote. We got back to soon thereafter to book them. They didn't give back our calls or messages until the following day whereupon time they said they couldn't fit us in. We squandered a week. We let them know our time span. You're the best.

Kristen L

Kristen L


Moved from a 3200 sq ft house to 1800 sq ft one. Unfathomably proficient, gracious, and amicable group of folks. Exceptionally receptive to bearings. Moved and unloaded in roughly 6 hours-didn't feel that they surged or slacked. Extraordinary group!


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