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USDOT # 342626
39 Tozer Road
Beverly, MA 01915
Contact Phone: 800-974-0400
Additional Phone: (978) 977-0807
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This moving company is ghastly. We were told when we got our quote that if we somehow happened to move what we could the cost would go down. We burned through 2 days moving all lights, all fine art all kitchen substance, everything in all storage rooms, and 3 dozen boxes. Remember as you read whatever is left of this that the cost went UP $400. The movers places two mats with spikes (that go under office seats on floor coverings) confronting up in arbitrary foyer. I was strolling didn't see tangles and fell putting 2 dozen gaps in my base lower arm and palm. Draining all over I got over it supposing botches happen. At that point they attempted to move a colossal lounge chair by my new 42 inch plasma. The space was so little they ought to have moved the television however didn't and the television crushed all over the place. They took 45 min to back a truck into a parking space at my new residence. 45min they needed me to pay for!! Presently their emptying the truck into my new place.I have 2 $450 office bookshelves 6 mos old, the was one rack severed of every one. Broken to the point where I can't return them on. At that point the acquired my girls fresh out of the plastic new $400 shelf that coordinated her room set and the whole back board was broken and the trim as an afterthought was part too. The took a hour to assemble my eating table. A table that the jordans furniture men set up in ten min. I needed to gather my vanity in the wake of looking for 2 hours for the screws. At that point to finish it all off they took me to court since I declined to pay. This is a frightful horrible company. No sad no nothing from them. Stay away!!!

I am stunned this gentleman isn't in prison for misrepresentation. Hope to have 50 % added to your assessment when you get your last bill. The movers will debilitate not to leave until you sign it and they take you to court rather than return your calls. Like a bonehead I consented to trade off which is the thing that I would have been willing to do at any rate and it hurt my ideal FICO rating. 6 other individuals were additionally in Peabody court that day with the same story. I ought to have released it to the judge and not traded off with their lying lawyer. Maintain a strategic distance from THESE CROOKS!,,,,,,

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