USB Movers

USDOT # 2478356
9701 Fields Road APT502
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Contact Phone: (703) 789-3222
Additional Phone:
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Moving with USB Movers

USB Movers contributes positive service to our client as we attempt to gratify our customer demands.
USB Movers takes into condition the thought and critiquing our clients may take.
Customers have told us USB Movers is in the place and our USB Movers reviews below reflect enlightening input.

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USB Movers Inc. aka USA Movers Inc. aka US Movers aka Movers US aka Moving and Storage aka Pro Movers and several other names or try contacting them at their several numbers. You'll get a different "company name" each time. Its all bad news with these guys. Do your homework before using this company. Don't be the next person to get ripped off. Each time with a different person's name: Stephanie, Cindy, Carmal, Joseph, Gabby, etc. Why would a real company need to masquerade under different names with different fictitious people names? A search of SDAT turns up USB Movers Inc is registered to Yosi Biton. trust me i would give a minus star if I could.

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