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USDOT # 1777365
12102 Conway RD
Beltsville, MD 20705
Contact Phone: 1 (800) 715-8302
Additional Phone: (240) 264-1818
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Moving with Topline Moving & Storage

Understanding the motivation of the customer is crucial for about all movers, like those here at Topline Moving & Storage.
Topline Moving & Storage takes into consideration the thought and critiquing our customers may have got.
Topline Moving & Storage can involve concern of your moving requirements, precisely say the inspection below.

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This was a big mistake. Poor customer service, Alon was rude and condescending at times. I thought it was just him and then i spoke with a lady who was also rude to answer simple questions after i already paid. They appear to be affordable at first glance but i discovered it's a tactic to lure you in before you are hit with a compulsory minimum expenses that adds up in no time. Look elsewhere. They don't make any effort to be accommodating, they just care that you pay their hefty bill and that's a terrible business ethic. Pass!

Alon is very dishonest. His drivers state one thing and then he says something else. even after several calls and email communications he claims something different on the phone everytime. I would strongly advice not doing business with this company. Even when I explained I would like to pay via CC and I signed a CC Authorization form they still demanded CASH on delivery. Please stay away from this company

My wife and I were relocating from MD to CA and we contacted Topline Moving and Storage to relocate us. Alon gave us an extremely reasonable estimate and we hired them for a full service move (including all packing). They came and packed and protected all of our items in one day and came the next day to load.
Delivery was on time and the office kept update us with the delivery day and time.
What we really liked about their service was the consistency with the workers.
The guys were professional with lots of experience. We suggest anyone looking for moving services to use Topline.

They moved my sister and she highly recommend them so I called Topline moving and I'm happy I did it.
The movers were very professional and very careful with our furniture. They were personable, and very hardworking. The entire experience Oscar and the rest of the crew was relatively stress-free considering it was moving. I would recommend them.

I just wanted to thanks for a job well-done. The whole experience with Topline Moving was a pleasure. It certainly made the pain of packing and moving to another state easier and less stressful. Francisco and he's crew were exceptional in every aspect of the move, always professional, efficient, and flexible.
Great customer service and care.
I would definitely recommend your services to anyone planning a move locally or long distance.

We nice and proffisonal service!
The movers cam on time and covered all our furniture with no time, handle our TV's with very care.
Estimate was accurate it took them about 5 hours to moved us from Washington DC to Arlington, VA.
Will use them again.

We had great experience with Topline moving, Alon came to our place for a visual estimate and provided us with the correct information and explained us about every single items.
We ended having some extra items and boxes but no a big deal.
Delivery was very smooth and professional.
We will recommend them to our friends and family.

The best experience we had so far!
The movers came on time professionally wrapped all our furniture and moved with care.
No any hidden fees, everything went smoothly.
Will definitely use them again in the future.

I'm giving them two stars since they know how to carry out their occupation precisely yet sadly that is the place the great stops. They neglected to deliver the vacant truck weight ticket which is important to check the real weight of my things. When they got to the capacity the one gentleman took a gander at my stuff and said that the weight was 3000lbs more than the real weight. I knew the genuine weight since it was weighed former through a more respectable organization when quote shopping. I then needed to pursue them around throughout the day to get the truck weight after they dumped my things just to check the weight. Once more, I was right about the weight and they attempted to cheat me. I called their director and he attempted to give me nothing but nonsense. I likewise got cited free boxes that they attempted to alter their opinion on. They didn't talk any English and each time I posed a question he said no get it. Truly? Get your work done first and run with the more costly or informal movers. Maintain a strategic distance from the bother!

Was this survey …

These folks are shady... Attempted to weight me into marking an agreement on the spot and would not have liked to give personal time to consider it. I advised the fellow I expected to survey it and he at long last sponsored off. Not long after this my family experienced a late emergency (granddad must be placed in an exceptionally costly nursing home because of his dementia exacerbating) and we were no more ready to manage the cost of the move. I let them know this and they then continued to charge me in any case for an agreement that was never marked or consented to! And afterward had the nerve to say that my family emergency was "fake" and that I was regrettable for misleading not be charged! Presently I need to battle this crazy charge on top of the various things I need to manage... I am completely disturbed with this organization and the way they maintain their business. You can show improvement over this in the territory and they don't merit your cash. Maintain a strategic distance from, keep away from, stay away from, evade!

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