S Moving & Storage

USDOT # 842231
909 University Parkway
Leesville, LA 71496
Contact Phone: 877-783-1771
Additional Phone: (337) 239-6625
Company Site: www.mayflower.com/movers/la/leesville/m893

Moving with S Moving & Storage

Understanding the needs of the client is crucial for almost all movers, like here at S Moving & Storage.
Each customer has dissimilar prerequisite for their , which is why S Moving & Storage provides divine service and removal firm to suffice our dependable to reconcile them.
have also disclosed to us that S Moving & Storage is the most better in this territory. Study our S Moving & Storage reviews below for confirmation.

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Best moving organization in the range, without a doubt. Moved my furniture delicately and were diligent employees. Appeared on time and made my turn as simple as could be expected under the circumstances.

On the off chance that you are searching for the least expensive, yet at the same time commendable, moving organization look at them. Best evaluated movers we found and all our stuff got moved in less than 3 hours with no harm and little cerebral pain. Beyond any doubt there are presumably better movers out there with access to a dump and different administrations, however in the event that you need a straight forward move, pick these folks.

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