My Mover Broke Our Belongings

My Mover Broke Our Belongings

What Do I Do If A Moving Company Damages My Stuff?

We’d like to first of all say, we’re sorry about the moving company that broke your belongings. Most moving companies don’t intentionally damage household goods but you obviously want to be handled by the moving company properly.

You’re going to need to file a claim form with the moving company.

The reason for filing a claim form is it places your damaged items with the claims department in the moving company. You may need to support the claim with pictures of these damaged items. We advise you to email this information directly to the moving company and confirm that they’ve received it by asking for a return email.

Filing a claim is a requirement of the moving company and not a blow off. If the moving company is inspected then the moving company will be required to provide all claim acknowledgment forms, files and supporting information by agent.

Movers Broke My Stuff (Video)

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I'm Really Upset!

If you are really angry, we understand. Sometimes, the people that have been moved are frustrated and have an emotional attachment to the items that have been broken; therefore they feel that calling numerous times to the moving company and requesting to speak to the owner or manager of the company. This might make you feel better by being heard, but they will still at the end of it ask you to fill out a claim form, in order to start the process with you.

How Long Will This Take To Resolve?

A local move usually takes around 30 days or less to receive a response from the claim department after you’ve filed your claim.
Long distance moving claims could take a little longer but if it’s been more than 3 months, you should probably send the claims officer an email.

Broken Items

If you’ve already attempted this and have had no response from the moving company or if the moving company is trying to blow you off, then we advise you to write a review on the mover. Normally, after this, the moving company will respond in a timely manner.

Is My Stuff Insured?

If your shipment was moved via economy status then you will have a basic coverage of $.60 per pound per article with a licensed mover. If the moving company is unlicensed, then you have a serious problem and you should report them to us immediately by using our ticket system or inputting them into our system and place into the body of your message “Unlicensed Movers”.