Texas DOT form 1899

TX DOT Form 1899

Are you in need of TX DOT Form 1899? If so, our organization is here to help you locate and fill out the form. Texas trucking rules and regulations differ from those of other states. That’s why it’s important that carriers understand how to get their 1899 forms filled out in the correct manner. Doing so will help ensure that your commercial trucking company can operate. Your drivers can then transport household goods on Texas roadways fast. Our firm works with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) on a regular basis. We also communicate with the U.S. Department of Transportation every week to register new USDOT Number applicants. Why?

So that our experts can oversee the state trucking industry on behalf of our clients. Let’s now go over how to secure and fill out the TX DOT Form 1899.

TX dot form 1899

Where to Find the TX DOT Form 1899

So, where can you locate the TX DOT Form 1899?

All you need to do is go to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website. Once there, you can use the search box to search for “Form 1899.” If you don't see it, search for the following title. It is: “Instructions for Texas Intrastate Operating Authority Application.” This is now the official title of TX DOT Form 1899. Click on the link and a PDF of Form 1899 will appear.

Registration of Your TX DOT Form 1899

Now that you've found TX DOT Form 1899, it’s time to fill it out. You have two options for doing so.

1. You can fill out the form online and submit it to the TxDMV.
2. You can print the form, fill it out, and either email it to the TxDMV or bring it into their offices.

Most carriers opt to fill out the 1899 form online due to convenience. The TxDMV makes one notion very clear. They will not process any incomplete applications. That’s why carriers must concentrate on filling out the correct information. You also do not want to take any risks by providing false information. That could result in denial of the application, revocation, or suspension.

The first page of TX DOT Form 1899 provides a list of information that carriers have to provide. For example, you’ll need to provide a valid USDOT number plus a boc-3 filing and state the UCR status. The TxDMV requires carriers to fill out five pages of information on Form 1899. Make sure that your Truck license registers every vehicle that your company has, no matter the weight or size. You’ll also need to fill out the required insurance information. This might involve having to contact your insurance company. Please contact our organization if you have questions about filling out this form. Our mission is for your application process to go fast so that you can focus on other business tasks.

Paying for Your TX DOT Form 1899

Registration Keep in mind that you will have to pay a few fees to register your TX DOT Form 1899.

The first fee is a $100 application filing fee. The second fee is a $100 liability insurance filing fee. But that’s not all. You might also have to pay “Total Vehicle Fees.” This gets calculated based on what you fill out in the Equipment List section of the 1899 form.

The Texas DMV accepts four forms of payment for 1899 registration.

  1.  Credit cards. (There is a service charge plus 2.25% of total fees when paying by credit card.)
  2.  Checks.
  3.  Cashier’s checks.
  4.  Money order.

Next, you can submit the form to the TxDOT for processing.

Contact Us Today for Help Filling Out Your TX DOT Form 1899

Any motor carrier is welcome to contact us today for help filling out TX DOT Form 1899. Our experts will help ensure that you provide all the right information. Otherwise, you could lose good standing with the Texas DMV.

And without good standing, your company will not have intrastate operating authority. Feel free to call us about anything related to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. We communicate with the TxDMV on a regular basis. This is so we can help ensure that Texas carriers can maintain their operating authority.