How To Start A Moving Company

How to Start A Moving Service

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  1. How to Start a Moving Company 
  3. Step: MC Number To Get Operating Authority 
  4. Step: "ARBITRATION PROGRAM" is a Must
  5. Step: "Published Tariff" Service
  6. Step: Website That Promotes Your Company Well
  7. Step: Buy Moving Equipment

1. Start a Moving Company Today

So, you want to learn how to start a moving company? This may seem like a straightforward business to start. After all, a business only moves people’s items around, right? Wrong. You're going to have to plan on taking care of many business tasks. That doesn’t only apply to starting your moving business. It takes a lot of hard work to maintain the success of any business. And a moving company is no exception. But do not despair. Moving Authority is here to guide you through every step of starting a new business.

The moving industry is a saturated market. That’s why many companies do not stand the test of time. A business can forget to take key measures. But that’s why our organization is here to help. We’re going to make the business creation process easy for you.

All you've got to do is read our step-by-step guide below. Our mission is to make your new business stand out. You can do so by making high-quality and efficient moves. Make sure to follow this helpful checklist before you start your moving business. It’s best to check off every box before you open your doors for business. Then, you can start getting your customer’s boxes packed and unpacked ASAP.

How to start a moving company

2. Get DOT & FMCSA Filing & Licensing for Your Business

So you want to know how to start a moving company? This may seem like one of the most straightforward businesses to start, move people's items from A to B. Essentially it is if you are not planning on being around for very long which is never a good mentality when starting a business. The moving industry is a saturated market but many companies don’t last the test of time because they forget to take key measures that we are going to make easy for you by reading our step to step guide below.

Have your company stand out by making a name that is synonymous with quality and efficient moves. Make sure to follow this helpful checklist before you start your moving business to get all your boxes ticked before you get other people's boxes packed, so to speak.

Get a USDOT Number So Your Moving Business Can Start Traveling Over State Lines

Having a USDOT Number is crucial for any new company that performs moving services. The number will allow any worker with a truck to start crossing state lines. There’s no need to research how to get a USDOT Number. Instead, all you've got to do is call our business. We can take care of every federal and state registration need that you have. Sometimes it takes more than one or two filings to start traveling across state lines. But do not despair. Our business can start getting your company registered today. Once you're registered you won’t only operate as a company. Your business will function as an official new moving company. Sure, your new business might start out small. But Moving Authority knows how to make any new business grow fast. And the key is to get a new USDOT Number. Normally done on the (Department of Transportation) website. 

Does your moving company have questions about how to get a USDOT Number? If so, please have your moving business contact our own business today. We can help you secure a USDOT Number ASAP. In fact, our experts go through months of registration training. Why? So that they can help every new business succeed. We’re the number one court of business and truck registration. And we’re ready to prove why right now.

Once you’re registered with the right permits, your small business can grow. Speaking of permits, our experts can help you secure any new permits. From standard business permits to permits for taxes and insurance. Our business is the best source of every registration need in the US. And our dedicated moving professionals can start showing you why today.

3.Set Up an MC Number To Get Operating Authority for Your Business

If you're starting a moving business, you need to get a new MC Number. Why? So your moving company can have Operating Authority for interstate moving. That is one of the keys to starting a moving company. If you need an MC Number, don't waste two hours on hold with the DOT. Instead, our business can help you get an MC Number right now. All you've got to do is call us and tell us that you need a new number. 

We help every big and small business secure an MC Number. Why? Because having one is crucial when starting a moving company. No moving business can take off without the authority to operate. That’s why our business provides new MC Numbers. But that’s not all. We also help new moving companies secure all other government registration. Our team can even help your business create a custom registration plan. We’ll go registration need by need until your moving business is up and running.

4. Set Up an "Arbitration Program" To Start a Moving Company

It's required by the FMCSA to set up an arbitration program. (FMCSA refers to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.) You must have an Arbitration service set up before you start a business. This way, you can protect both your company and your future customer base. This refers to any potential problems with your services. Let us know if you’d like to become part of an arbitration program. Moving Authority can set up a custom program on your behalf. This way, your business can settle legal disputes outside of the courts. 

Arbitration Program for Carriers

Having access to arbitrator matters for any business. An arbitrator is a neutral third party that can help settle disputes. Moving Authority provides arbitrations services to licensed moving companies. We do so on a business-by-business basis across the US. And we can set up an arbitration program without you having to spend much money. An arbitration program is a great tool for growing your business.

5. Using a Published Tariff Service for Your Business

So, what is a published tariff? It’s a menu that sets out all agreed pricing and all line-haul rates for customers. It also sets a valuation option to moving customers. The best suggestion is to get a custom tariff built. In fact, Moving Authority can create any tariff on behalf of your business. We can direct you to our household goods tariff building services. 

A tariff must get published before each move takes place. You must have a copy of a published moving tariff in your office. This way, a USDOT officer can access it at your business. Please take note that this process refers to an FMCSA law. The law states that FMCSA officers can inspect tariffs any time that they request. Do not get a tariff from an unauthorized moving tariff company. Instead, our business professionals will take care of your tariffs. If there is an issue with the USDOT, the carrier is responsible. So, never cut the costs on your tariffs. And never have your business confuse moving software as a tariff.

start successful moving company

6. Secure Insurance for Your Business, Company, or Franchise

Make sure to get cargo and basic liability insurance for your business. Also, try to get workman’s comp insurance. Why? Because your workers will take part in moving and hauling large items. This means there’s a possibility that your workers can get injured. That’s why it’s best to protect yourself and your business by staying prepared. The next key action is to secure a custom-published moving tariff.

Do you have questions about which insurance your new moving company needs? If so, we can help you get the right insurance today. That’s one of the key actions when anyone’s starting out as a business owner. Insurance is a crucial need. And Moving Authority is here to go need by need for you and your business.

Make a Business Website That Promotes Your Company or Franchise

It’s now time to get a website made. Most (if not all) of your sales will come from online searches. That’s how people will find the movers at your business. So, get online today. Make sure you have a catchy and unique logo. Also, make your website user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

Doing both will help drive up sales at your business. Another helpful hint is to add your business to Google Places. Why? So your business is better linked and will show up in local customer searches. You could even have your business listed on Moving Authority. Then, you can link back to the profile page of your business. You could make a posting of different business awards and accreditations. This will show how high-quality your moving company is. It will also show that your moving company does great work. 

As a mover, you want your business to become known in the industry. Having a quality website is another key component of growing a moving company. Your business goal should focus on having one of the top sites in the moving industry. Marketing is a crucial aspect of a moving company succeeding. In fact, these days, no moving company can make money without quality marketing. But marketing is about more than only making money. It’s about feeling free to showcase your services, big and small.

If you need help with marketing, please contact our business today. We can help you create a new marketing plan for your moving company. Marketing is one of the key areas to focus on when you start a moving company or LLC. But you need to do it right. And that’s why our experts are here to help you start doing so today. Marketing will offer a window into the services of your new moving company. Think of it as insurance for how to grow the services of your business.

start a moving company with moving equipment

7. Buy Moving Equipment for Your Business

It’s time for your business to invest in real equipment. Besides your truck or trucks, you need the following services:

-Boxes, a dolly, and other moving equipment

-An appliance dolly for refrigerators or appliances

-Quilts/blankets to wrap furniture

-A four-wheeler dolly for large items

It is best for the long haul of your business to invest in professional-grade equipment. Your business should not rely on items from stores like Home Depot. Sure, those tools will work well for your business. But they cannot withstand wear and tear over the years. That’s why proper equipment is better. It doesn’t tend to break as fast for any business in the moving industry.

Take Care of Legal Expenses So Your Business Can Operate in a Legal Manner

Companies like Moving Authority have changed the online game for every business. We help businesses after businesses gets licensed and accredited. Then, they have the ability to meet customers’ needs and budgets. Make sure that your business gets listed on our website and others. That is a key step to success. Do you want to learn more about starting your own moving company? If so, we recommend that you view the video above. It will give you a rundown on what your business needs to operate in a legal manner. This way, you can operate across state lines while adhering to FMCSA regulations.

Moving Authority Makes Starting a Moving Business Simple & Easy

Our experts know all about what setting up a new moving company involves. There aren’t one or two services to create. Instead, a new business has to provide dozens of services at the same time. But do not get stressed about having to deal with business need after need. We can help you plan for success using our top-rated business services. All you've got to do is contact us through the phone or our website. You can let us know what services your business is trying to set up. We won’t take a month or two to respond. And we won’t demand money or try to sell you on an offer. Instead, our business will get back to you in record time. 

We can help you create a new business plan to make your moving company grow. There are no limits to the services that we can provide to any moving company. Other companies use standard services that only go through the motions. But that’s not how we do business. We make our business services customized for every business. This applies to both a new or small business starting out and even a large franchise. Our mission is to go business need by need and improve every moving company. And we have the resources to start doing so today.

Contact Us Today About Starting a Moving Company- We’ll Reply ASAP

Are you ready to start giving your new moving company the success that it deserves? If so, Moving Authority is here to help your new business succeed. The process of how to start a moving company has never been so easy. All you've got to do is tell us what your new business needs help with. We’ll then go need by need and create a plan using our patented services. Moving Authority can do it all. From getting your business ready for taxes to providing free marketing help. Your moving company is in safe hands with us.
Please have your moving company contact our business today. Whether your moving company is big or small, our experts will assist. They can put in place new solutions using services that get results. We’ve helped moving company after moving company across the US succeed. We attribute that success to ensuring our services go the extra mile. And we’re ready to help your new moving company today. We offer our services to any moving company in America, new or old.

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