How Do I Get a DOT Number in Texas

How To Secure a TxDMV Number Through the DOT

“How do I get a DOT number in Texas?” That’s a question Moving Authority often hears from our clients and customers. Well, if you've been asking this question, you're in the right spot. Please read below to find out how to get a Texas DOT number (TxDMV number).

Does your trucking company operate commercial motor vehicles only in Texas? (This refers to picking up loads and hauling them across the state.) If your company does this, then you need to secure a Texas DOT number. Keep in mind that the Texas DOT number and TxDMV number are the exact same things. But do not confuse this type of number with a standard DOT/USDOT number. Starting A Trucking Company Cost. The FMCSA mandates getting a US DOT number to secure operating authority. But the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) mandates the Texas DOT number. So, are you ready to start getting your Texas DOT number today? Please keep reading to find out how to secure this crucial form of trucking registration. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call Moving Authority.

What Is a Texas DOT Number (TxDMV Number)?

The TxDOT number serves as the official Texas Department of Transportation number. This number gets issued to every commercial vehicle within Texas. Say that an operator secures a TxDOT number. He or she must display the number in a visible location on a registered vehicle. Once again, many people confuse the TexDOT number and US DOT number. But there are some important differences between each number. Please continue reading to learn more about the differences of the numbers. Texas DOT Inspection

More About the TxDMV Number & DOT Policies

Texas motor carriers operating intrastate commercial vehicles must take a key action. They have to register operations through the Motor Carrier Division of the Texas DMV. This applies to intrastate commercial vehicles used on Texas roads and highways. Does your company only conduct intrastate commercial operations? If so, make sure that you're registered with the DOT as an INTRAstate company. And not with the DOT as an INTERstate company. Texas DOT form 1899

Let’s now go over the guidelines for registering your motor career with the Texas DMV. This way, you can secure a TxDMV number/Texas DOT number. Say that you're operating a commercial motor vehicle with a GVW of over 26,000 pounds. This means that you’ll need to get a Texas DOT number. You'll also need a TxDMV number if you're transporting hazardous materials. (And also if your carrier needs placarding.) Even Texas farm vehicles with a gross weight of over 48,000 pounds need the number. know about Trucking Paperwork.The Tx number also applies if you're operating a large vehicle. In this case, it’s a vehicle designed to move over fifteen passengers. Getting a Texas DOT number also applies if you're operating a commercial bus. Say that you transport household goods for compensation in Texas. You’ll need the TxDMV number no matter how much the vehicle weighs.

There are options when it comes to motor carrier registration in Texas. You can get a TxDMV number for seven days, 90 days, one year, or two years. Once you have the number, you can receive a motor carrier certificate of registration. This registration cannot get transferred between carriers with sole proprietor registration. Moving Company USDOT Audit

First-Time Texas Operating Authority Applicants (The TxDMV Certificate Number)

Are you a first-time applicant for operating authority in Texas? If so, please call Moving Authority today. Our trucking experts can help you secure the authority to operate in Texas ASAP. Otherwise, you can apply for authority using the Texas DMV website. You will need to register with the Texas DMV online. Then, you can submit an application for operating authority. You’ll receive a DMV email with instructions. That will happen once the Texas DMV reviews your application. How to Check a USDOT Number

After the Texas DMV approves your application, the DMV will send you an email. That email will feature your UIN: Unique Identifier Number. You then have to provide your insurance company with the UIN. This way, your insurance can file for the Texas state-mandated insurance online. This is crucial so that you can receive a TxDMV Certificate. Next, you will receive another email from the Texas DMV. The DMV will request for you to log in and pay fees associated with the application process. Once you do, the Texas DMV will convert your UIN. The UIN will turn into an official TxDMV Certificate number. DOT Number Size Requirements

The Processing Time of the Texas DMV

When it comes to your first application submission, the processing time will vary. Sometimes a review by the Texas DMV only takes 24-48 business hours. But say a carrier has a previous Texas certificate or authority. Or, a carrier gets linked with a different Texas certificate or authority. This can increase the Texas DMV review time by at least seven business days. DOT Medical Card

Do you need to learn the status of your submitted TxDMV certificate application? If so, you can either call Moving Authority or call the Texas DMV itself. Make sure that your application does not feature any errors or inaccuracies. If it does, then your TX number application will not get processed.

Texas Cab Cards

Say that you pay all your Texas DMV fees. Plus, you finish the application process for getting a new TxDMV Certificate number. This means it’s time to print your insurance certificate and Cab Card. Having a current copy of the insurance Cab Card in your vehicle is crucial. visit & know more about Starting A Trucking Company Successfully. A TX Cab Card has to stay inside a commercial vehicle at all times. But that’s not the only step you should take when it comes to the insurance Cab Card. You must make a copy of the card in either electronic or paper format. This way, the Cab Card is available to Texas law enforcement at any time. Maintaining great standing with the FMCSA and DOT. Get your DOT Medical Card.

TxDMV Number Step 1: Ensure That You Need a TxDMV Number

The first step to get a Texas DOT number is to ensure that you need the number. You can do so by going to the TxDMV website. Then, click on the DMV requirements page. The page features a list of fee and insurance requirements. These rules affect all different types of US motor carriers. You might also want to check out the FMCSA and DOT websites for more information.

TxDMV Number Step 2: Gather Your DOT Information

You're soon going to submit your information to the DOT and Texas DMV. This means you might want to create a list of all your information in one place. The TxDMV will ask you for your name, business, name, address, and Social Security Number. You’ll also submit your DOB, credit card information, and vehicle information. The motor vehicle information sections will ask for the VIN, year, make, and model. You will also need to supply the DOT with this information to receive a USDOT number.

TxDMV Number Step 3: Apply for a DOT Number

It’s now time to apply for a DOT number through the Department of Transportation. Why? Because every TxDMV applicant first has to get a standard DOT number. Otherwise, an applicant can't begin the TxDMV application process. You can begin the DOT process by accessing the US DOT registration website. Its official title is the “US DOT Registration Page.” Next, click on the following statement on the DOT page. Here's what it’s called. “I think I need to register with the FMCSA to get a US DOT number for Operating Authority.” Then, go to the New or Existing Registration page on the DOT website. That’s where you can complete Section B for the DOT. What is the Difference Between USDOT Numbers and MC Numbers

Keep following the application process that the DOT website provides. Answer every question that the DOT asks as best you can. Once you do, your USDOT number will get provided. You can now begin processing through the TxDMV. The DOT will provide you with a PIN: Personal Identification Number. You won’t need your DOT PIN when using the Texas DMV website. But you will need it to change your standard DOT information. Make sure that you request to have your US DOT PIN emailed to you.

TxDMV Number Step 4: Complete the Application for a Texas DMV Number

It’s now time to apply for your Texas DMV number. This number functions as official state motor carrier registration. You can apply for either one or two years of motor carrier registration. Do so on the official Texas DMV website. You can use the online eLINC registration system. The system helps motor carriers set up new authority to get a TxDMV number. Register for the number using the eLINC registration page. Then, any Texas motor carrier can update its information. Plus, a Texas carrier can renew the certificate and print cab cards. Do so when accessing the MCCS section of the TxDMV website. MCCS refers to the online Motor Carrier Credentialing System. Texas DOT Requirements

TxDMV Number Step 5: Submit Your Insurance Information

You're almost there- you're now at the final step of getting your TxDMV number. In the previous step, you received a temporary TxDMV number. It’s now time to call your commercial auto insurance agent. Provide the agent with the temporary TxDMV information. The number is your TxDMV number, but the word VOID will appear at the end.

The Texas insurance agent will now begin the e-filing process. This is when an insurance company provides insurance information to the state. Say that your insurance information gets verified. The word VOID will no longer appear on the TxDMV registration page. Congratulations! You can now print your Cab Card and begin trucking across the Lone Star State. Reasons a Moving Company is Revoked by USDOT

Get Your DOT Number in Texas Today: How Moving Authority Can Help

The Moving Authority team is standing by to help your carrier start operating in Texas. We know how confusing it can feel to secure a Texas DOT number. But that’s why we’ve streamlined our registration services. We make it easy for companies all across Texas to do intrastate and interstate travel. All you've got to do is give us a call and tell us your unique situation. Then, our trucking registration experts can get to work. While doing so, they’ll adhere to all FMCSA and DOT policies. And they won’t rest until your Texas DOT number becomes active through the DMV. So, leave all the paperwork to us and give us a call to get started. Our DOT registration team looks forward to helping you get on the road ASAP.


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