Figuring Out Moving Costs

Moving Expenses

  1. Think About the Move as a Whole: Beginning to End
  2. Take Control & Do Your Research
  3. Stay Positive!
  4. Expenditures to Prepare For
  5. Use Moving Authority to Your Advantage
  6. Communication is Key 
  7. Have a Deadline?
  8. Making Your Long Distance Move Faster
  9. Where To Find Affordable Packing Materials
  10. Buy Appropriate Boxes for Your Fragile Items
  11. Pack the Box Full & Use All the Space
  12. Getting the Moving Company to Pack Your Goods
  13. Benefits of Letting Your Moving Company Pack For You

1. Think About the Move as a Whole: Beginning to End

Obviously, the location of your new home is important. The deciding factors such as; does it have a good school district, is there good transportation there, is it a nice environment for your self or your family are all things to consider. However, these three factors can make or break your moving experience for you or your whole family. Many don't understand the importance of these three factors, so take some time to think and plan well ahead to make your move smoother, less stressful, and more successful. 

3 Basic Elements to Your Move

  • Finding a home in the new location you are moving to
  • Packing your goods 
  • Choosing a moving company

2. Take Control & Do Your Research

Moving can be expensive therefore try to make the most informed decision you can about the area. Do your research.  Obviously, if you’re moving to a different state, there might be some big changes in the environment and the way locals live. 

3. Stay Positive!

The key component of moving to a new location is to always keep it positive. If you actually pre-plan your packing dates and utilize your time correctly, your relocation should be an enjoyable one. If you’re moving with kids, then you should find some fun kids friendly spots that you can pre-plan on taking them to.

4. Expenditures to Prepare For

Now it’s time to choose the moving company. Make sure that if you’re doing a long distance move, you communicate to the moving company everything that you’re moving. This includes all the boxes that you’re moving. If you have an accurate inventory then the price shouldn’t change much.

5. Use Moving Authority to Your Advantage

 Coming to terms with calculating or seeing the amount of inventory that you have can be a headache, to say the least. This is why at Moving Authority we have made it super simple for you by creating a picture based inventory list that is easy to use. We even offer resources that will accurately calculate your shipment size like the free cost estimate. Knowledge is power and understanding your shipment will make it easier for you on what your needs are for your shipment.

6. Communication is Key

If you’re moving locally, it’s usually completed in a day so you really don’t have to worry about scheduling. Although if you’re doing a long distance move you must communicate about the schedule. 

7. Have a Deadline?

If you need a specific deadline for the shipment to arrive, then this needs to be clearly communicated and agreed upon before picking up. If you choose to move on an economy contract, which means a large window of delivery time, there are no guarantees for delivery to be done at a specific time. If the moving company doesn't meet what you believed the delivery time should be, we encourage you to remain confident.

8. Making Your Long Distance Move Faster

There are even faster ways of transportation during a long distance move. They can either send you immediately or a couple of days from pick up date. It will be more expensive like any delivery service would be.

Packing Materials

9. Where To Find Affordable Packing Materials

You can always purchase moving boxes anywhere from online to the USPS to your moving company. All of these boxes are brand new and if you have the budget new boxes are the easiest way pack your items. 

If you are trying to save money and have a tighter budget there are some options for getting free moving boxes. We would advise you against going to grocery stores for moving boxes. They may still have food remnants on them and in general, may attract bugs and the like. Getting boxes at liquor stores, book stores or electronics and office supply stores are your best bet for clean and only slightly used boxes. 

10. Buy Appropriate Boxes for Your Fragile Items

Buying double walled boxes is the best way to keep your fragile items from breaking. These double walled boxes are sometimes called dish boxes. The double thickness of the box can protect from a hard collision from the exterior of the box. Although it is important to remember the general rules of packing and put the correct cushioning around the breakable item. If there’s any room for the items inside of the box, fill it with something else, just make sure there is no free room or empty space because this will cause the boxes to dent and your items to get damaged. 

Don't Leave the Top of the Box Empty of with Space in it.

11. Pack the Box Full & Use All the Space 

A common mistake people make when packing themselves is that they leave the top or inside of the box slightly empty. When the boxes are stacked on top of one another they will begin to break down.  The box has to be completely packed and full. This is the proper way to pack a cardboard box. Buy or find moving boxes for free.

expert packing by moving company

12. Getting the Moving Company to Pack Your Goods

If you have the moving company pack your goods, there are some added benefits. Anything that they pack should be indicated on the inventory list as packed by carrier (PBC) This means that if the carrier packed it then they are responsible for the contents inside of the box. Since you're paying for the service to be placed inside of the box. 

13. Benefits of Letting Your Moving Company Pack for You

This is the benefit of having the moving company pack it. If you pack it yourself, it will be indicated on the inventory list as packed by owner (PBO) and that means that you are fully responsible of how you packed it inside of the box or if you didn’t pack it correctly in the box and it gets damaged you’re fully responsible for it. Unless negligence has happened by one of the movers to cause the damage.


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