Moving Long Distance on A Budget


  1. DIY is Cheapest, Though Not the Easiest
  2. How Does Self-Packing Work?
  3. Savings to the Max
  4. Other Money Saving Suggestions

1. DIY is Cheapest, Though Not the Easiest

The cheapest way to move long distance is self-moving. Having your items trucked and shipped by moving truck companies will cost way more than moving yourself since the prices addip as  that are used to help move Professional moving services are best suited to those who do not have any additional time in their schedules, prefer others to complete such labor-intensive tasks, or who are physically unable to do the work themselves. If you decide to take this route, it is important to don comfortable clothing for moving. You need to be able to stretch and move your limbs freely while carrying your things to move. The drive may also take long so it would be a good idea to be comfy during the trip.

2. How Does Self-Packing Work?

Self-packing companies claim to provide their movers with additional quality and savings by shipping with preferred carriers and freight companies and by shipping cargo along with other commercial goods that are on their way to the same destination. In this way, shipping saves customers expenditures on fuel, damage coverage, and sales tax.

With self-packing companies, the moving process begins when a shipping trailer or storage container is delivered to the moving site and the customer packs all of their things inside of it. Once the self-packing company has delivered the materials to the end-site, a certain time limit is allotted to the customer to unload the storage container.Some movers report having saved money by shipping long distance packages via USPS, which charges upwards of $1 per pound. Also, try looking into Amtrak and Greyhound Freight Services.

Long Distance Home Moving

3. Savings to the Max

Extreme Savings Movers who are very serious about their budgets might consider substituting specialized packing materials, such as bubble wrap and brand new moving boxes or free moving boxes, with towels, grocery bags, old magazines/newspapers/junk mail, and other previously used wrappings and packaging, along with boxes obtained from grocery stores and recycling companies instead. By budgeting for each item, you are able to cover each expense. Selling things before the move makes sense if, for instance, the cost of shipping and moving containers is 3 or 4 times greater than the value of the proposed contents, or than what it would cost to replace them. Online platforms like Craigslist and eBay, make it convenient to sell items online. In this way, items that aren’t really needed or perhaps due for an upgrade will not add but deduct from the total moving costs. Those who are comfortable with the idea of ride sharing might be able to split the cost of a rental truck with someone traveling in the same direction, and who may also take a turn at the wheel.

In comparison with shipping, truck and moving van rentals are often the most cost efficient when moving to a destination within the same city

Ask family and friends to help with the move even if they only have a car. It might turn out to be a fun road trip. Lastly, if moving long distance for a job, ask the company if it will help with the moving expenses. Many companies have been known to pay a percentage of the cost.

Family Moves

4. Other Money Saving Suggestions

Other Suggestions: Try to plan the move around the company sales and special offers, avoiding the peak months, which is usually during the summer season. The cheapest time to move long distance is usually at the end of fall until late spring. Booking a move during this time will allow you to be quoted much lower than other times. While obtaining quotes from various companies it might help to mention to a company that a competing business is providing a better offer. The company in question may provide a discount to the consumer in order to seal the deal. Ask a CPA about possible tax deductions for movers who are travelling cross-country for work. Plan ahead for lodging along the road and find out where the most highly rated and reasonably priced motels are.




5 years ago

When moving goods for long distance, it is always in the best interest of the individual to take time and effort to look for professional movers, even when he or she is considering cost. If you attempt to do it on your own, you have to rent a vehicle, fuel the vehicle and arrange for the movement of the vehicle. You also stand the risk of the vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road, and then you have to bother about how to get it moving again. When you use professional companies however, they take care of all the technicalities, while all you have to do is pay for their services, which is generally cheaper than what you will spend if you use other alternatives.

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

5 years ago

Hi Gaburiel,

That's very true. If you are a customer and you hire a moving company, you don't have to worry about having to pack your things, loading the truck, driving the truck and unloading the truck. You also won't have to worry about issues on the road such as traffic, gas or the risk of your truck breaking down. Thanks for the insight!


Gary Doang

5 years ago

The moving goods part hit home. We recently moved from New York to Texas with loads of canned goods. Already srressing over the cost of the move, we didn't care to properly package the goods and they busted. Lesson learned. Thanks for the tips.


Divine S

4 years, 12 months ago

Unless you are totally in charge of when you should move, choosing the period to move as an option to achieve a cut down in moving expenses would be futile. To the best of my knowledge, hiring movers is the best deal mostly when you have too many items to be taken care of. Just to ensure they are not damaged while you try moving them yourself. On the other hand, if you can pack the items properly yourself and hire a company to only assist with moving, it would be a great deal and the cheapest way to move cross country because more cost comes from the company’s materials while moving them. I’m only suggesting though haven’t moved before nor do I know the moving company terms


Peter T

4 years, 11 months ago

Do you maybe have a checklist of things to do before moving yourself? I am afraid I will miss something that could be important and not budget for it.

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